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You left when i needed you most
saying goodbye
im shattered
im scared

Some bloom and are cherished forever.
Some blossom and are left there.
Some never get the chance.
Some are fake.

Blank page with nothing on you
awating to be filled with words of hope
words of wisdome
its your turn

Miss your sweet soft orange head
Your fuzzy ears
Your big brown eyes
Your beautiful coat

Dear boy,
This is why i ove you.
I love the way you hold my hand.
I love the way you let me play with your hair.

You look at life in the dark
I look at life in the light

you lurk in murky shadows

Its a feeling you get
that emotional roller coaster
the one that makes you

I try to stay grounded.
I try so stay in tune with me.
But sometimes in this crazy world.
Things just arnt ment to be.

What is love with out a few scars.
What is life with out bumps along the way.
If you keep strong you will make it through.
So keep your chin held high,


A person that makes you smile a million times over with just a glance.
A person that makes you laugh.
A person that's there to lend a helping hand always.
A person that's there through tough times and good times.

Feel the breeze on your face.
The wind blowing trough your hair as you increase your speed.
Feet hitting pavement in a hypnotic rythem.
Heart heart rate icreasing with every step.

It wasn't just him
it wasnt just me
we were drifting apart thats all
it was never ment to be

You were there when i needed you most.
To pick up the shattered pieces.
You helped me finally see the world as my own again.
You told me 'everything is going to be ok.'

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A Shattered Heart

You left when i needed you most
saying goodbye
im shattered
im scared
im lying on the floor wounded coated in my own blood
senses gone
sight left
hearing too
smell well thers nothing left
touch disappeared
where are you my sence of security?
will you leave me too?
to late you already did
what am i to do to gather up pieces of my shattered heart?

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Katelin Offord Harper 13 August 2011

anita your poetry isnt just poetry its a statement of life girl

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Katelin Offord Harper 07 June 2011

your poetry is awesome girl keep it up cause i would love to read more of your poetry

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Anita Cross Popularity

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