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Crescent moon night..
Majestic man!
A woman fair and lovely youth!
Ecstasy in light,

sailing in half sunk
inverse boat
other half is

I am the autumn wind.
I am gentle and due,
I am squall that tears and yowls,
I am mumble in the blossom,

bend and keep picking up rocks,

from the ground

Sage Vishwamitra
deeper in penance
years has passed
never opened his eyes

Why should I be your lover
or anyone's?
What similarities?
rich, poor, the family voice

A drop fell on my temple,
Another fell on my eyes and brim,
A half of dozen kissed my bosom and core,
And made my soul chuckle out loud.

Seen the hidden gestures of love
Under tables, in abandoned places
you have smiled and smirked at me
Gush and blush over the wonderful beings

i am sitting on a rock
trying to have little talk
suddenly somebody knock
i turned around and it was shock

Thank you, Mommy...and daddy
for the love, strength, and care
for in this world that is quite rare
for being my guardian and my best friends

a scourge
Of mankind.
A person

burning need of your soul
take a glimpse to ignite
fire like slug you whole
one who steals your fantasy

O Ahalya
celestial beauty
bloom like lotus
ivory red pink lips

A cool wind blows in
breath of silence.
widened my eyes
a pellet of hail

Bells ringing
Birds singing
Shining blue eyes
A special one

looking in the mirror
every passing day,
only thing I can see,
is your absence.

secrets to tell
while away
fingers tingling

waves whispering name
bidding the soft sand.
water sweeps my core,
surrounds my waist,

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Lover of literature, the conscious world and humanity..)

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Romance Tonight

Crescent moon night..
Majestic man!
A woman fair and lovely youth!
Ecstasy in light,
Radiant pixie,
Drapped in lotus,
Shimmering Stars
Lacy and luminous'
Dancing wings look like kindle,
Lets dance lets Dance..
Clouds on heels..
Milky moon brightens on face,
Knees bent, Arms open
For my lips
Save the nip,
Ahh the taste,
Gazed like moon
Draw me down,
Held captive.
No wish to escape,
Felt lovy dovy heart beats,
Love you he whispered,
Wonder lust if love or magic...! !

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Kumarmani Mahakul 05 December 2015

Anita Sharma is one talented uprising Indian poetess who keeps interest in writing poems of worthy culture, love, humanity, passion and nature. She reflects social traditions and feelings of expressive society at this modern age comparing to old trends. I have gone through many of her poems and I find new essence in each of her work that wins heart frequently. She touches the perfection of literary ability and finely paints her feelings in canvas of expressive and beautiful poems. I wish my best wishes for her literary service. May God bring lots of happiness and successes for her and may flowers blossom in her way of walking.

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Ramesh Rai 22 November 2015

Anita Sharma is a brilliant poetess.. I am much impressed after reading few of her poems. She writes with the core of her heart and very much passionate while composing. This reflects in her each words. Stay always blessed with much more inspiration aspiration and appreciation.

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Anita Sharma Quotes

i am the fire flux you in my flames

The only thing which we can share is LOVE rest is nothing but trivia..

when people say we are made for each other is nothing but stupidity because we are complete itself by god.

come taste me i am sweeter than wine

loving a married man is like cutting your ego with sharp axe.because marriage is no obstacle in love

language is nothing but a tool, of hide your real identity

these days so called love is much more biased than hate

tasting you is like tasting the nectar

marriage is nothing but a escape of love

people say we fall in love idiotic thing to fall being is love and becoming love is real

i am rebel but fragile

love is forbidden in any way

i am killed and crushed but alive because you breath in me

i know you because i feel you are never bygone

people feel sick because they are unloved

people singing songs of love but no one is loving, for sure Hippocrates.

raining thundering yowling but look i am always here and always will be there

i am the autumn wind

sometimes we feel empty unloved and useless.that is the starting of inner journey but alas we again try to regain all shit again and cheat ourselves..

i am nothing but ashes

the best play ever happen with sexstick and sexpitch

my life my rule otherwise no 'my' no 'rule'

drag yourself in shit then clap

i wonder if am alive after terrible nightmares

you treat me stupid guess what i am happy being one and counting two

being nice is a state of mind

i am deeply hurt but scratched out good

i was born in deep lovely forest

most beautiful things only happens when are naked half naked is nothing but sickness so be naked or stop being Hippocrates

the root of the disease can be cured by love

i cry out my heart out because my chest is overloaded

i did great mistake by saying i love you, then questions begin how much why not where what whom and so on, love isn't enough

prejudice is a scourge to the society,

idea of falling in love is a myth, in the very beginning people only fall and forever, being in love is only way to live joyfully

our karma's are like a mirror where we can see our whole life, all good and bad happening to us is the result of karma's

religious propaganda does not deceive people, it instead exposes those who have the false hidden behind…

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Anita Sharma Popularity

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