Anna Akhmatova

(23 June 1889 – 5 March 1966 / Odessa)

Anna Akhmatova Poems

1. To The Londoners 10/23/2015
2. When I Write Poems 11/26/2015
3. We Don't Know How To Say Goodbye 7/3/2015
4. I am a Bard... 11/26/2015
5. "Thank You, God..." 8/26/2015
6. One Goes In Straightforward Ways 4/8/2010
7. To The Muse 10/5/2011
8. There Are The Words That Couldn’t Be Twice Said 4/8/2010
9. To Fall Ill As One Should, Deliriously 4/8/2010
10. Let Somebody Else Rest By Southern Sea 4/8/2010
11. The Pillow Hot 4/8/2010
12. Music 4/8/2010
13. So Again We Triumph! 4/8/2010
14. To Boris Pasternak 4/8/2010
15. Sunshine Has Filled The Room 4/8/2010
16. Rachel 4/8/2010
17. You, Who Was Born For Poetry's Creation 4/8/2010
18. To The Many 4/8/2010
19. You'Ll Live, But I'Ll Not; Perhaps 4/8/2010
20. Now No-One Will Be Listening To Songs 4/8/2010
21. If The Moon On The Skies Does Not Roam 4/8/2010
22. Our Native Earth 4/8/2010
23. The Victory 4/8/2010
24. My Way 4/8/2010
25. They Didn’t Meet 4/8/2010
26. Reading 'Hamlet' 4/8/2010
27. I Was Born In The Right Time, In Whole 4/8/2010
28. My Hands Clasped Under A Veil 4/8/2010
29. I Saw My Friend At The Front Door 4/8/2010
30. I Have No Use For Odic Legions 4/8/2010
31. Thoughts Of The Sunlight 4/8/2010
32. How Many Demands... 4/8/2010
33. Here Pushkin’s Endless Exile Has Begun 4/8/2010
34. This Evening’s Light Is Golden Bright 4/8/2010
35. He Did Love 4/8/2010
36. In The Evening 4/8/2010
37. Alexander By Thebes 4/8/2010
38. Greetings! 4/8/2010
39. As A White Stone In The Well's Cool Deepness 4/8/2010
40. The Last Toast 4/8/2010

Comments about Anna Akhmatova

  • Hamza (2/26/2018 12:56:00 AM)

    I like it so much

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    0 person did not like.
  • himu khan (12/23/2017 6:21:00 AM)

    she was a high.measure profitable poetI have ever seen....

  • Saeedeh Moosavi (11/28/2016 6:32:00 AM)

    thanks alot. but who is the translator?

  • Fabrizio Frosini Fabrizio Frosini (10/10/2015 10:45:00 AM)

    a tribute to a great Poetess:

    Ленинград в марте 1941

    Cadran solaire на Меньшиковом доме.
    Подняв волну, проходит пароход.
    О, есть ли что на свете мне знакомей,
    Чем шпилей блеск и отблеск этих вод!
    Как щелочка, чернеет переулок.
    Садятся воробьи на провода.
    У наизусть затверженных прогулок
    Соленый привкус — тоже не беда.

    (Анна Ахматова)

  • Misha Allport Misha Allport (1/23/2014 11:40:00 AM)

    A restrained elegance enveloped in a Slavic midnight hue.

  • Sylva Portoian Sylva Portoian (6/26/2012 6:52:00 AM)

    She has a voice...
    No one can cross...
    She has a chant...
    Like a 'Breathing Rose'...!

  • Charmaine Sinclair (5/17/2009 7:16:00 AM)

    Her words are so simply hung. I love her words.

  • Dana Santos (4/26/2004 4:07:00 PM)

    i like it very touching

Best Poem of Anna Akhmatova


Everything’s looted, betrayed and traded,
black death’s wing’s overhead.
Everything’s eaten by hunger, unsated,
so why does a light shine ahead?

By day, a mysterious wood, near the town,
breathes out cherry, a cherry perfume.
By night, on July’s sky, deep, and transparent,
new constellations are thrown.

And something miraculous will come
close to the darkness and ruin,
something no-one, no-one, has known,
though we’ve longed for it since we were children.

Read the full of Everything


Not under foreign skies
Nor under foreign wings protected -
I shared all this with my own people
There, where misfortune had abandoned us.


During the frightening years of the Yezhov terror, I

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