Far And So Alone… Poem by Anna Jonson

Far And So Alone…

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far and so alone…
you stood by the fire…
waiting for the one..
far and so sadly
you ran out madly
after the love you’ve lost
far and out of control…
you went there unwanted…
went to look for the one…
whose heart’s like a stone
far and so sadly
you came back dreamingly
waiting for death to come
far and so sadly
your heart ran out madly
from the ribs of your chest
as it was in the prison…
the prison that held prisoner
who just ran out wild…
for the lover who left
careless. for another
someone who is only
doing things for the other
who thinks that love him better…….

Saadat Tahir 21 May 2009

hi anna very nice touchy lines liked it its a beauty....be proud of it cheers

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Efe Benjamin 27 May 2009

well done anna, this is a fine poem. i like the refrain part of it. keep writing anna.

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Blessing Nanier 02 August 2009

u are truelly a great poet and i wish i reac ur talent someday

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Sarwar Chowdhury 18 June 2009

touchy! 10+++++++ sometime the real realization comes when time.......

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Akram Saqib 29 May 2009

good expression of love

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Kainwo Moses 28 May 2009

Metaphorically and musically rich. The melancholic tone is dominant but musically inviting. Great!

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Kesav Easwaran 28 May 2009

Love is a funny game, Anna...you would get beaten there square often you unaware... pretty good write on sad lines...brings in the entire pain that lost love creates inside mind...thanks...10

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Anna Jonson

Anna Jonson

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