Was It Real Or I Was Dreaming? Poem by Anna Jonson

Was It Real Or I Was Dreaming?

Rating: 4.7

when i was listening to my heart's beating
i woke up by a knock on the door
my heart stopped; i felt afraid
i wondered, i asked: who's that?
but i had to open the door
now or before...
when i opened the door
i saw someone whom i knew before
he was crying, and a little alarming
he said that your lover has died
i couldn't belive, when he said that thing
is it real or i'm dreamimg?
then i found out that it was real
i wasn't dreaming and i had to believe
at that time the sorrow comes
without permission or knocking door
only two ways that i had to go
killing myself or living alone..

Ashraful Musaddeq 26 September 2008

It is a beautiful poem, very nice. I love it.

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Aijaz Asif 27 September 2008

are u realy 15 or am i dreaming too..lol....thanks good poem...10

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Mehedi Faysal 28 September 2008

a great composition...thanx 'Anna Jonson ' for sharing your amazing work with us..some time we cant control our life..poet reflect this thing with few emotional lines...10 for it

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Egi David Perdana 02 October 2008

you like me, I remember oen moment but I don't know is really or dreams, keep up dude! , this nice

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Little Hatila ;) 03 October 2008

mm, it was great if you were just dreaming but since it was real it is really sad...but rember always smile.... i give 10 your sister: Hataw

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Sonali Ganguly 31 March 2016

loved the poem..... very nice

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Celia Amantea Schulz 01 November 2015

Yes profound feeling...a few words seem out of place but the idea is right there

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Anita Sharma 12 September 2015

profound sadness..loved it

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Charity Nduhiu 24 August 2015

Anna, this is so sad for you sometimes things don't happen the way we plan. Please dont kill yourself. I like the poem

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Mel Vincent Basconcillo 21 April 2009

this speaks in volumes and has a profound impact to it..wonderful work u amazing!

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