The Story From Our Own Hearts Poem by Anna Jonson

The Story From Our Own Hearts

Rating: 4.9

The story from our own hearts
Eyes of love, why do you stare at me?
Why do you stare at my wept eyes?
Didn’t you say you won’t come back? Or you’ve come to see my wept eyes?
Oh sorrow... Sorrow you made me ill...
you made troubles for my love
he died, while he was...
so young and in love with someone whom he saw
I was in his dream, and he was in mine
we shared our love by looking into each other's eyes
he stared at me, I stared back
I told him by eyes: you’re my first and last
he answered me back: love won’t let us be together…
remember when they say misery love’s company
I said to my self: oh love, love why are you so cruel?
have a little sympathy on our souls
let us stay in peace together…
suddenly, love answered back:
I kept on warning lovers not to fall in love
from Cleopatra and Antony ‘till Juliet and Romeo
they didn’t cared, they thought it was fun
they couldn’t understand what was falling in love
now I told you two what love really is
make your own choices and I’ll let you live
if you think positively, then there’s life’s possibility
that you’ll stay happy
I stared into his eyes then said: what is love? Let us forget about love
he answered me back that’s not my heart’s
your mouth and brain always demands
‘ignore your heart and do something to survive’
I want you to love me in the way I do
and let destiny do what it has to do
I surrendered because I knew it was true
I loved him in a way no one else ever do
now love, you’ve taken him away from me
now do what you want to do with me
love answered:
he left you alone and that’s what I want
you shall live forever, thinking about his love
oh love.. a sweet memory but bitter in life
I knew from then that he’ll stay in my heart
I’ll live as a dead ‘till the day I die
and then I’m going to be with him for the rest of my life…
25th of June,2008

Venkatesh Raghava 10 October 2008

you keep the intensity going, nice...

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Ershad Mazumder 10 October 2008

Theme is really excellant. Expression is also nice. But you made it very narrative.You could have shorten it.Read and decide the basic focal point.

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Blessing Nanier 10 October 2008

very're a great writer but take your time.don't write in a hurry.luv ya

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Chrispin Kamara-Johnson 10 October 2008

i enjoy reading this poem i especially love this lines 'i want you to love me in the way I do and let destiny do what it has to do'.10++++. keep it up

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Cathleen Hodgkinson 10 October 2008

You're an insightful young young with such intense emotion, writing from your heart. A perfect combination for a budding poet...When I started writing, I tended to ramble my careful of rambling...condense your thoughts and words...but most of all, please keep writing. You do have the 'poetic magic' instilled within you! Great job!

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Celia Amantea Schulz 01 November 2015

Deep thoughts expressed creatively

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Charity Nduhiu 24 August 2015

Wow such an interesting poem. This thing called love can be sweet and at the same time be painful. I like

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Sonya Florentino 06 August 2009

'I’ll live as dead ‘till the day I die and then I’m going to be with him for the rest of my life' And you're only 16? Now that's a looooong time... you will love many more times and remember to keep on writing all the while!

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Sarah Sisson 11 December 2008

You write very well dear....keep it up!

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Eric Gibson 27 November 2008

I believe all poets should be exhausted but awake with intimacy. You're very must be tired.

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