Anna Moriarty Lev

Anna Moriarty Lev Poems

1. A College Student On Erev Rosh Hashana 10/20/2003
2. As The Sun Sets 10/23/2003
3. A Day Confused 10/28/2003
4. Can 5/30/2004
5. After You This Morning 6/21/2005
6. I Got Run Over By A Bus 8/8/2005
7. Al Fin Del Dia 5/25/2005
8. I Wait. 6/20/2005
9. From Pembe 6/20/2005
10. Untitled 1 8/19/2005
11. Second Ode To The Very Same Stapler 8/19/2005
12. Word Candy 5/22/2006
13. The Ode I Owed 5/31/2006
14. People 11/21/2003
15. Sad Trumpets 2/15/2004
16. Third Poem For The Stapler 9/12/2005
17. The Question Mark Stands Alone 5/30/2006
18. You And Me 10/22/2003
19. My Dear Pablo 3/9/2005
20. Ode To S'Mores 10/20/2003
21. A Lot Like Me But Smaller 4/20/2005
Best Poem of Anna Moriarty Lev

A Lot Like Me But Smaller

she looks alot like me
but smaller
this girl.
she writes on walls
and catches fish.
she plummets.
this girl.
she looks alot like me but smaller
and hides in the back of the room.
she kisses boys on rooftops
and leaves them
on the ground floor.
she swims in dark oceans
smelling of palaces.
she is pulled by malamutes
and holds on tight.
this girl. she looks
a lot like me but
smaller and pulls loose strings
from her jeans ripped open at the knee
because she fell.
she looks
she looks
alot like me but smaller
but ...

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You And Me

I remember your hands
holding mine in the car
as I sat in the seat behind you.
And how you kissed my cheek
at the end of the night.
It was warm between us.
You and me.
And I hope we haven't lost that
I hope we haven't become someting colder,

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