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Oh the chocolatey goodness
dark, sweet, and secretive
melting over the puffy,
gooey, hot hot marshmallow

she looks alot like me
but smaller
this girl.
she writes on walls

I remember your hands
holding mine in the car
as I sat in the seat behind you.
And how you kissed my cheek

my dear pablo,
do not leave me.
i have counted on your words for so long
tasting them.

the o and i are next to each other
sometimes press one when i mean the other
talk to you across the ocean
be here and there, my friend.

The stapler teases me
as i sit at this desk.
he asks me, blankly,
mouth hanging open,

sad trumpets pronouncing
taking me to a place
i can only almost reach.
always wanting

move forward
when all it is
is getting farther and farther away

Ode to you
your purple skin.
your - you're driving me insane.
walls cracking up in the lining of my stomach

As the sun sets outside my big window
it hangs on the edge of the rooftops
and lingers orange there
with blue the color of your shirt that night

Today is a day that just doesn't know
what it is.
An empty day
filled to the brim


I don't know why I am writing this here
thinking maybe someone will read
and understand.
But I guess

i, unwrap slowly
meticulously twisted plastic wrapper
tiny sweet word.

Tonight I know what it is to be lonely.
Tonight I wish to be anywhere but where I am.
Tonight I am sitting here,
trying to concentrate

i should have run out the door after you this morning
and with the cold pavement pressed under my summer feet i should have kissed you,
not to keep you, no -

i got run over by a bus this morning.
the tires were rolling over my stomach
before the headlights could reflect in my eyes.

no puedo escribir. te quiero tanto.

como puedo limpiar los dientes cada manana

i wait for you.
my lips thinking of your long freckled back
to travel up and down.
my neck is lonely for your mouth

i do think of you sometimes.
there, accross so much water.
it's strange to think that you loved me
my pink face.

beautiful ending, you have brought me -

in the days floating through the air
passing by, their doors opening to me.

Anna Moriarty Lev Biography

Born and bred by giant turtles in Southern Florida. Began writing poetry at age eleven when a band of storm troopers landed in our turtle bog and taught me their language and brought the gifts of democracy and moondust.)

The Best Poem Of Anna Moriarty Lev

Ode To S'Mores

Oh the chocolatey goodness
dark, sweet, and secretive
melting over the puffy,
gooey, hot hot marshmallow
and closed in by a crunch,
that which holds it all together.
Oh, messy wonderfulness!
Oh, unbound glory!
All over my hands and face
and embracing my toungue
kissing my insides with its oozing deliciousness.

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Thomas Viruvelil 05 October 2005

I read all your English poems.But I feel you really need a more in depth study of poems and more deep fealt feelings to move towards being a good poet.Best wishes and hope to hear from you in general and also on my poems

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