Anthony Seyi Abiodun

Rookie - 113 Points (Ifetedo, Osun state, Nigeria)

Anthony Seyi Abiodun Poems

1. In Love With An Angel 4/27/2009
2. Why Shout Me Out 4/27/2009
3. 'Me And My Girl' 1/17/2010
4. 'Imbroglio' 1/17/2010
5. 'Coconut Heads' 1/17/2010
6. 'The End Of The Road' 1/17/2010
7. 'To You And No One Else' 1/17/2010
8. 'That Book' 1/17/2010
9. 'Look At My People' 1/17/2010
10. 'The House Of Treasures' 1/30/2010
11. 'In My Land' 1/30/2010
12. The Free For All 6/26/2010
13. Here I Stand 6/28/2010
14. Just One Life 9/22/2010
15. The Do Or Die 9/22/2010
16. On The Plateau 9/22/2010
17. The Faint Light 9/22/2010
18. When He Found Her 9/23/2010
19. The Bomb Blast Of Freedom 10/6/2010
20. Take It Slow 10/7/2010
21. The Ruler And The Ruled {1} 10/9/2010
22. When I Was A Child 3/27/2009
23. The Masters' Duplicate 3/27/2009
24. She Came To Pass 3/27/2009
25. My Paramour 3/27/2009
26. I'M Not Here While I'M Here 3/27/2009
27. Gone Too Far To Go Back 3/27/2009
28. Chef D'Oeu-Vre 3/27/2009
29. Gone 4/6/2009
30. The Ruler And The Ruled (2) 10/14/2010
31. 'The Indolent' 10/20/2010
32. 'The Ruler And The Ruled {3}' 10/27/2010
33. 'The Ruler And The Ruled {4}' 11/10/2010
34. 'The People You Put There' 11/27/2010
35. 'Sonnet 1' 12/1/2010
36. A New Creature 3/7/2011
37. Lonely 3/7/2011
38. ''Mirage'' 4/1/2011
39. Fear Thou, Oh Nation 6/7/2012
40. 'The Kickback' 7/3/2012

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Best Poem of Anthony Seyi Abiodun

Jewish Africa

Just like the Israelites we wander
In the wilderness for years we gather
Picked from Benjamin to Reuben
To work in the vineyard of Buren
Our Charles they modified to Oroonoko
Until the Lord heard our cry of woe
Then they sent us back to our Canaan land
After they had through us raised pyramids amongst sand
We never knew but were made to know
The men ye called savage still had the glow
To transmit the story across ages
For it to be criticized fairly by all sages

We strife to rebuild the wall the Chaldees pulled down
But the cedar tree had been burnt to...

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The Masters' Duplicate

The birds fly over me with freedom
Freedom I could not get with all my stardom
The fishes swim under me with liberty
Liberty I could not gain in my sobriety
Natures all over me rejoice and clap
But the beauty of the world is damp

Was it not yesterday the men went?
The men who for gain our land rent

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