Anurag Kumar

Rookie (26/05/1987 / New Delhi, India)

Anurag Kumar Poems

1. A Page From My Diary 12/16/2007
2. An Apology 12/16/2007
3. Achievement 12/16/2007
4. Grace A Diue 12/16/2007
5. God 12/16/2007
6. Words 12/16/2007
7. Something From Within. 12/16/2007
8. Land Of Golden Sunshine. 12/16/2007
9. Star Lavinor 12/16/2007
10. Homesick 12/16/2007
11. Time 12/16/2007
12. Confession Of A Friend 12/16/2007
13. Reaching 12/16/2007
14. At Last The Light House Break. 12/16/2007
15. Rocking On My Rocking Chair 12/16/2007
16. My First Way Away From You. 12/16/2007
17. All Over Again…. 12/16/2007
18. Am I A Looser? 12/16/2007
19. Death Of Star Lavinor 12/16/2007
20. Friend For Life. 12/16/2007
21. Ship Of Death. 12/16/2007
22. Basketball 12/16/2007
23. Favorite Star Of Mine. 12/16/2007
Best Poem of Anurag Kumar

Favorite Star Of Mine.

Far above in that sky,
Is a small star of mine,
Star where life exists,
That star shines brighter then light.

It is the star of fascination for me,
It is the star of my fantasy,
It is the star of my dreams,
It is the star that belongs to me.

A star that is all alone,
A star that is full of love,
A star where I have to reach,
A star of my dreams.

It is the star that lies beyond the sun,
It is the star of ultimate truth,
It is star of love and peace,
It is star where my soul lives.

It is the one to call me,
It is the...

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Star Lavinor

Far from the reach of humanity,
Dark and deep in the misty universe,
Through the journey of cosmic dust,
Across the reach of Newtonian forces,
Surviving the eternal time,
A star was born.

The star that is so hopeful of its existence,
Unaware of the misery of the world,

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