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Flowers, We…
The faithful wife of poets
The call girls of beetles
The adopted children of gardeners

Confidence is Beauty
Beauty is Art
Art is Performance
Performance is Excellence

Sympathy is
Not less than a destroyer;
It kills the man
Who receives it;

A Man, Who,
Looks for beautiful wife
Never switch off lights
In the Night,

Your name is home of love;
The porch greets
With Jasmine fragrance ;
My thirst is trapped within

Emotions are roaring
And dashing with hurricanes
The tides cross its shorelines
Every sea has red zone as boundaries

You are trying to impress others
When you are not trying for yourself, (But you never impressed yourself)

You are afraid of the darkness

I was searching a word
That escaped from
my poem,

Confidence is beauty
And until you
Get the Confidence
To have that beauty

Why the heart beats..? ,
It tries to escape
From man, a sinner,

Oh my defeat! Long live!
You are my faithful wife-and
No one would come
For your relationship,

If you use me as words
In your communication
I would be a silent receiver
In your telephone.

I did not know
In which train you went;
But my deep breath
Brought your train back.

The paths are well known of thirst and hunger
The paths were paved by needs and searches
There are different types of paths
There are some paths for eyes

Silence is a celestial message
Silence is a capsule form
Of feelings and emotions;

Your kisses
Are flowing
Through whining pebbles
And widening like river.

My poetry is
Your bathing space;
Words are showering
On your naked body,

La discussione è su
La tua eterea bellezza,
Discutendo è senza fine,
Il ritmo di pietra,

Oh primitive man!
You lived at the height
Of a great mountain!
But the civilization

In between our chat
I chased an alate
Which slid on your

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Poems of Pazhani Bharathi-Kaviko-anushmadhu Ratnavel Art creates man; in turn he creates the peaceful world. IF YOU LOVE THE FOREST AS YOU LOVE SOMEONE THE DIVERSITY WILL BE TAKEN CARE.. Date 25 01 2010 Rank of Poet: Popularity 7th Rank World Level- Congratulations Popularity First Rank India Level- Congratulations Total Number of Poets 24752 Total Number of Poems 3,10,931)

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' Honesty' Of Flowers

Flowers, We…
The faithful wife of poets
The call girls of beetles
The adopted children of gardeners
Sometimes we are used in celebrations
And in the event of homage, given too
Sometimes we commence love affairs
And travel on the bouquet of brides
Sometime as demand dowry in temples
And to glorify the checks of Gods
And politicians too
What else..?
We are 'Honest' to pristine
And so we die
on the same day of our birth

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Katellyne Baker 24 January 2010

Your an amazing writer. All of your poems have such meaning.

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Nayef Rashid 04 January 2010

hi thanks for ur comments i like ur way and i make download ur 43 pomes i will read and learn from you thanks to give me ur time

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anushmadhu Sanna Ratnavel Popularity

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