Aphrodite Anastasia Menegaki Poems

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For The Man That I Love

Write me a song for the man that I love
Say, could his heart be mine?
There as I stare the world far away
All that I see can't say

Love Untamed

Untamed nature, wild and free
Free as only the winds can be
Soft as velvet and black as coal
Daring and boundless is their soul

Seize The Chance

Seize the day, seize the chance
Seize the feelings in my glance
Grasp the moment, fear no longer
Waiting won't make you stronger

Man In Armour With Red Scarf

Into the valleys of blood
Soldiers walk through filthy mud
Blood, iron and hopeless tears
Dare not to reveal your fears.

Like Coin, My Heart I Toss

There are wishes
There are kisses
There are princes
There are thousand riches

For The World's One Percent…

Look at me, look me in the eye
I'm the child with skin like coal
With a hungry vulture waiting behind me
And no one to stand beside me

Θάλασσα Ψυχή Μου...

Στο κύμα ψίθυροι της καρδιάς μου,
Ξεβράζει ο αφρός τα όνειρά μου,
Πλάι σε κοχύλια της αμμουδιάς ερατεινά.
Κι όσα εύχεται η καρδιά μου,

A Pirates' Island

Anchors aweigh, setting sail, full speed ahead,
To isles and seas deep, of safe ports instead.
Our Captain knows these seas like the back of his hand;
But ten striped dolphins led the way to a piece of land,

Autumn Leaves

As leaves fall upon the land under clouded skies
Painted with colours of white, blue and grey
I see nature change before my eyes
Summer fades in the arms of an autumn day

In The Name Of Greed…

A gun in the hand, a bomb in a bag,
Hundred lives, hundred souls in death to drag;
Amidst a square, where families come to play,
At a train station, at a club, night or day;