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Seize The Chance

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Seize the day, seize the chance
Seize the feelings in my glance
Grasp the moment, fear no longer
Waiting won't make you stronger
Chase that hope, chase this dream
No matter how hard it might seem
Time runs fast, time will never wait
So say it before it's too late
Say all you want, say all you feel
Carpe Diem, that's the only deal

Seize this chance, seize this day
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Seize The Chance
Saturday, February 20, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: carpe diem,dream
Robert Murray Smith 23 November 2020

To be fulfilled in life we must live each day our way.

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Chinedu Dike 29 March 2020

Wonderful piece elegantly brought forth in persuasive poetic expressions from the heart. Great lines. You are very talented.

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Many many thanks for your kind and supporting words! !

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Fog Runner 23 October 2017

Whether we habitually waste time through careless idleness or intentional procrastination, it's one of the hardest habits to break, and also one of the most destructive. What is more valuable to mere mortals, none of whom can predict the number of their days? Yes, the leanness of your assertive directives seems justifiable.

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Fog Runner 29 October 2017

Happy to have praised your labor, Aphrodite! I do adore finding wisdom through poetic structure.

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Thank you for your words, Fog Runner! I couldn't agree more! Indeed idleness and procrastination are hard habits to break.

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Daniel Brick 10 August 2017

This is a Great Poem because there is a great spirit behind it. The spirit is yours and you can take pride in it, not vanity but pride. We must take what we are given and make something of it. Despair is understandable but unacceptable. This is a poem by as fighter for justice. You know you are expressing what are at best half truths, but you have faith in that measure of truth and are making a f-u-t-u-r-e from it. I hope you have a huge circle of friends who share your values. We need poems like this to raise our spirits and make our work of rescuing the world from its broken state a joyous task. I just thought id this: A poem like this one is not realistic or unrealistic; it is an ACT OF GOOD. Jesus said, Better to light one candle than curse the darkness. This poem is one of those candles! !

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Dearest sir, I only wish I could describe how much your words mean to me, and I wish I could thank you enough! ! I'm so moved and literally speechless! THANK YOU! !

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Dr Antony Theodore 17 July 2017

seize the chance feelings, Grasp the moment, fear no longer Time will never wait.. Don't let the moment fly away A great poem of determination You will become a great poetess. at such a young age of 21 you are writing such beautiful poem filled with great thoughts. Thank you. Wish you well to become great as you teach us in this poem . tony

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Thank you so much! ! ! Thank you for you beautiful words! ! Wishing you too, all the very best! !

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