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Man In Armour With Red Scarf

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Into the valleys of blood
Soldiers walk through filthy mud
Blood, iron and hopeless tears
Dare not to reveal your fears.

And there as I see the land
I hear the echoes of the damned
The ravens and the hungry vultures
Come see men's everlasting tortures
In all that endless slaughter

That knows not of any border.
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Man In Armour With Red Scarf
Tuesday, December 29, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: battle,war memories,warfare
Inspired by Anthony van Dyck's masterpiece 'Portrait of A Man in Armour with Red Scarf' (1625-1627) and by the forgotten story behind its four hundred year old paint, I wrote this poem for him and for all the men that suffered and bled for their leaders' merciless greed during the Thirty Years War (1618-1648) and their stories were lost from the pages of history…
Aphrodite-Anastasia Menegaki
Daniel Brick 10 August 2017

You have a keen sense of history and are acutely aware it lives in us still. Contemporary people may be uninterested in the 30 Years War but as Lein Trotsky acidly said,

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You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you. Unfortunately history repeats itself, and we have to learn from the mistakes of the past so that they are not repeated in our future. Thank you, for your comment, dear Daniel! Thank you so much!

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Ajay Kumar Adarsh 22 August 2016

Aphrodite-anastasia Menegaki, I have no words to say, I would like to say only- It a amazing poem and you have amazing writing power......superb....

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I thank you so very much for your wonderful and encouraging words, sir! ! ! ! Thank you! ! ! Very happy you liked my effort! ! ! Thank you! ! !

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Georgios Venetopoulos 30 January 2016

Nice work, Aphrodite. These are my favorite lines: For all your leaders' insatiate greed Upon the battlefield you bleed When I stand on Genoa's old wharf The Man in Armour with the Red Scarf For it was written in your fate By sixteen twenty eight

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Thank you!

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Roseann Shawiak 16 January 2016

Love reading about history through poetry, it is short, concise and to the point! Very interesting story behind these words, you have taught me something from the lost pages of history. Thank you for sharing it. RoseAnn

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Dear Rose Ann, thank you so much for your comment! I am more than happy you enjoyed my poem and the story behind it. Thank you truly! Aphrodite-Anastasia

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Dimitrios Galanis 14 January 2016

Everytime I do read it, I have the first impression that it has been written by a great poet.By a poet of those remembered as the best ones.//It does not mean, dear Aphrodite that you have to hurry up to publish another one to 'shoe' that you are here.Time can wait you.?either rush nor hasten.

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Dear Mr.Galanis your words for my poem and effort are more than encouraging and inspiring! ! Thank you! ! I shall be posting more poems soon! :) Right after my exams are over! :) Thank you so much! ! ! !

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