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Born in Greece on a November morning, I grew up with an almost instinctive love for music, poetry and fine arts. Started reading at the age of four, and soon enough I was constantly found in the library of my parents' house, searching the pages of some old book, either to read a story of pirates and knights or a poem written long ago under moon's l ...

Aphrodite Anastasia Menegaki Poems

For The Man That I Love

Write me a song for the man that I love
Say, could his heart be mine?
There as I stare the world far away
All that I see can't say

Love Untamed

Untamed nature, wild and free
Free as only the winds can be
Soft as velvet and black as coal
Daring and boundless is their soul

Seize The Chance

Seize the day, seize the chance
Seize the feelings in my glance
Grasp the moment, fear no longer
Waiting won't make you stronger

Man In Armour With Red Scarf

Into the valleys of blood
Soldiers walk through filthy mud
Blood, iron and hopeless tears
Dare not to reveal your fears.

Like Coin, My Heart I Toss

There are wishes
There are kisses
There are princes
There are thousand riches

Aphrodite Anastasia Menegaki Quotes

27 December 2015

Sometimes walking away isn't easy. Sometimes it's hard to move to the next chapter, to turn the page and not look back. Yet one thing is for sure; the instinct is never wrong. It's what tells us to move forward, on a different path, on a different direction perhaps. But no matter what we'll decide at the end, the point is to always have faith. Faith in ourselves and trust our heart. I believe that's how we can grow the wings we lack.

17 January 2016

If I am ever asked what equipment I used when I took your pictures; I'll answer my heart

Aphrodite Anastasia Menegaki Comments

Dimitrios Galanis 17 February 2016

Aphrodite-Anastasia I do firmly believe is growing up to become a real of her own time poetess.She has not only the talent of a sensitive poet but seems to be eager, by her humble character, eager to learn, to be taught by others too.Her first verses she put in poems show her ability to bring into feeling's light a whole world of sensitive icons, imageries, mataphors so that her poem be picturable and out of beauty shining. I hope she finds the way for even more dashing metaphors, the characteristic of modern worthy poesy.I wish she will prefer short poems with the clever, sensitive, human surprise at their last verses.To take into notice.Poems are not treatices on a theme, poems are a mere glance, a glimpse of an aching, usually, painful, enchanted, hoping eye.I'm sure for her success which I do heartiedly wish her.

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