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I was born as a twin.As a child i loved to read, but in sixth grade my teacher Ms. Hector introduced me to poetry and ever since then i have been writing.I am growing to love poetry more and more cuz i release what i need but I am there so people can find a connection to me. Poetry is my life. RIght about now I am workin on music but i use my poems to fuel the lyrics. Im almost done with my cd so yea.

Arienne Smith Poems

You(Things About You)

The daylight which shows a thousand pictures shines upon your face
the smoothness of life shows your evervescent grace
The poems that you write for me shows for me this much [----}
and makes me light to your touch

Life's Worth

I wonder how a life would be if you cherished every moment
I wonder how a life would be spent just knowing
the ecaxt date when youre going to die
would you take back some of if the things you did on a certain day

I Think Of You

When I wake up in the morning I smell the dew
And all I do is think of you
I think about the times you make me glad to see your face
How your voice sings like an angel with such grace

Not To Cut Again

Give me a reason not to cut again
when this is all i feel within
only this pain I found
everytime I stand up I hit the ground

Fresh Air

So many nights fill with tears of anger and agression
so many days with the same bland expression
Finding release in the pain that I could cause myself
believing in nothing else

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