Haytem Fakroun

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Fly High - Poem by Haytem Fakroun

In all the cities I’ve been. Your ghostly shadow linger.
Its keeps haunting me, into a dreadful chamber.
Where your face appears, to make your missing grow stronger.
It leaves me in my solitude. Solely facing my anger..
Angry I lost your game of the deer & the Tiger.
Inside my heart it sank, my peace is here no longer.
A Raven at my wall is singing about a murder.
That killer has your name. The song is lauder than thunder.
Rain hides the street, the final piece for the winter.
A winter in my heart, inside it is always December.
More than that I am still cursed to live & to remember..
How you left me there, to make me look like a danger..
Was it only my fault? Or was it your way for laughter?
No matter how I try, I still hear your steps like a dancer.
Stalking me where I go, as if it’s my soul doppelganger.
The Raven still is chanting, his favorite song of the murder.
I hope your happy now; I have no dreams in my slumber.
Eternity is too short for me to forget your visage my hunter.
Every living will heed to me, when I curse your name forever.
And the Raven is still dancing with the fashion of a gangster.
Still you hunt me, I can feel you caress the trigger with your finger.
The Raven still stares at me with pity, how tender!
How tender is his look, recalling my soul form its surrender.
Surrendering to you was my killing disease & it was my cancer.
Still I can’t see the light; it is blurring dark after I’ve seen your splendor.
Dark yet I see, The Raven shining darkness flashes in glamour.
Raven Raven burning bright, Blake made it for a tiger.
I have a bird standing near, acting like a healing doctor. *
“Quote the Raven nevermore”, now I hear Edgar’s laughter. *
Dose it sound so strange? For me it’s no wonder,
I have seen my loved one turn into a monster.
Shocked should I be that a Raven is my lovely actor?
Standing near me while you left me sailing with no resting anchor.
Hold the tears, my dearest Raven; you have been my healing factor.
Spread your wings my dearest Raven; you’ve stopped my disaster.
Now I remember whom to forget; what I needed was not a jester.
What I needed was a light caster; in that field you are a master.
She has no shadow that linger, She can cause no more pain or anger.
She is here no longer; She is now a forgotten nightmare in a slumber.
Her memories are now rapture; cause I have learnt the missing factor.
She can hurt me no more, She will not believe I survived the disaster.
She soon will know that I’m back on the stage.
Standing alone free from the cage.
Will she live to read that page?
Or she will fade shacking from rage?
For her it would be a new age..
She will hear me sing the chant, the chant she thought that I cant:
Raven Raven Burning Bright.. Fly high with your might.
Spread your wings on the night. Sing your song for the fight.
Sing the lines that I write. Let them know you were right.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, May 30, 2006

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