Happy May ≪3 Poem by Aya Nasr

Happy May ≪3

Seeing you around
makes my day
when i knew you
i had much in head to say
when you smiled
it made my happy may
sorry, but i thought
that you with hearts play
i started to fix my thoughts
and with attention i pay
you confuse me..
but i guess its okay
you said you from women away
but you're not gay
i laughed so hard
i saw its joke of the day
you are blessing
and for you i deeply pray
you're the reason of spring
that made this happy MAY

Patricia Grantham 24 August 2013

What a great month of May it is. Love has blossomed and growing strong. A love so deep is the reason for spring. Such lovely lines my dear Aya. Keep on writing.

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Sallam Yassin 21 June 2013

Good reason to your happy may bright piece and it baked well

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What a beautiful well written Poem. The confusion and often hurtful feelings we get when we fall for someone. I like the way you see the situation of comedy within it. Life is like a comedy sometimes and the best comedy is based on life like your Poem is Aya

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