Kelly Kurt (Limerick) Poem by Ayman Parray

Kelly Kurt (Limerick)

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Of all the poets in the west
He is the best, he is the best
His name is Kelly Kurt
Not one soul would he hurt
Master of seriousness and jest

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Thursday, July 30, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: hero,poet
It is a Limerick not intended to make fun of Kelly Kurt. Rather a fun way of honouring the great poet that I and many others consider him. And honouring the exemplary human being he is.
Roseann Shawiak 04 August 2015

Great limerick, does sound like our Kelly Kurt alright! What an honorable tribute to an excellent poet. Love reading him also! Thank you for sharing with us. RoseAnn

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Red Soul 27 June 2018

I have been reading Mr Kurt's poems and his comments. He is an excellent contributor to the community here. A wonderful limerick Mr Parray. Thanks for sharing.

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Souren Mondal 24 November 2015

I agree with you completely.. Kelly is perhaps the most wonderful member here at PH. His poems are beautiful, but his comments and the manner in which he inspires the new poets here is just incredible.. Thank you for sharing this Ayman.. It's a beauty :)

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Ayman Parray 25 November 2015

Thanks Souren, I am glad we agree. The only thing better than Kelly's writing is his ability to inspire others.

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Akhtar Jawad 14 November 2015

There are so many good poets but Kelly Kurt's style is different and attractive. A nice way of appreciating a great poet.

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Ayman Parray 16 November 2015

Thanks Akhtar, you are such a fine writer yourself.

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Michael Joseph 29 August 2015

A nice tribute, Ayman. Kelly has encouraged and tutored me as well. Always willing to take time to answer questions and offer good will. His poems defy any style; ranging from silly to beautiful to profound.

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Ayman Parray 29 August 2015

Thanks Michael. It is really heart warming to learn that my friend. I used to think I am the only apprentice but now it seems he has found one much younger and stronger :)

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G. Akanji Olaniyi 27 August 2015

Agree with you fellow poet! He is a master! tfs! ! !

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Ayman Parray 28 August 2015

Indeed, he has influenced me as a writer and a human being. And is there anything greater than to inspire positively. While we all try to destroy and belittle each other, Kelly is among the few who try to preserve and protect the earth and its dwellers.

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