Babette Teeth

Babette Teeth Poems

1. Really Hates, No Pretends 12/16/2005
2. I Didn'T Say I Hate You That I'M God 12/16/2005
3. Eternally Hate 12/16/2005
4. Who Cares 12/16/2005
5. Turns To Dreams 2/9/2006
6. If I Were You 2/9/2006
7. What Would Come Around Me 2/9/2006
8. Enjoying The Freedom 2/9/2006
9. How Did A Plain Turns To Be Hill? 2/9/2006
10. Take It An Everyday Reality 2/10/2006
11. That's Not Fair 2/10/2006
12. What I Have Shared 2/10/2006
13. Privilege 2/10/2006
14. As An Opposit Forever 2/10/2006
15. United Nation Got Return The Words 2/10/2006
16. The Worst For All Men 2/10/2006
17. Maybe You Can 12/10/2005
18. The Loneliness 12/10/2005
19. If You'Re Not With Something 12/10/2005
20. Said I Loved You-But I Lied 12/9/2005
21. Plan 12/9/2005
22. Directly I Love Thee 12/9/2005
23. If You Want To Get Into My Hugs 12/9/2005
24. The Mystery 12/9/2005
25. Not Enough 12/9/2005
26. Mouth 7/27/2005
27. Truth 7/27/2005
28. Never Easily Betray My Soul 8/8/2005
29. Make The Fame 8/9/2005
30. I Didn'T Expect 2/10/2006
31. Strong Boy 2/10/2006
32. You'Re Great 2/10/2006
33. The Pasts Mean Nothing At All 2/10/2006
34. Moving Board 3/14/2006
35. Farewell Eunuchs 3/14/2006
36. How Can You Do That 5/26/2006
37. See How Strong I Am 11/9/2005
38. We'Re Strangers 11/9/2005
39. Leopard-Spot 9/17/2005
40. Not My Time 2/8/2006

Comments about Babette Teeth

  • Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler (12/13/2005 12:40:00 PM)

    you are by far the most original poet i've read on this website. you write on some fresh and atypical subjects. nice to see not everybody is trapped in the box.


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  • Necro (The Poetic Necromancer) (10/22/2005 7:09:00 AM)

    You have written a lot, is there a poem which is a bit longer..I like the feeling of swimming deep into long ones..

Best Poem of Babette Teeth

Kid's Time Of Kidding

She was kidding with me by joking
And several a time tried to lift up her skirt
That night of summer's heat
She dressed a jean vest without sleeves
The snowy white allover her necks and upper chest
Sitting with no well-mannered
And branch off her graceful legs
And still not giving up joking me
Said if I could chase up her speed

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The Mystery

The mystery that covered my eyes
Above my roof the ceiling upon the sky
Shall I take off some parts and
Only when you stop shitting

And you can see, I will show freely to
The duck, silently
No more hatreds, no more cries
But only if you want to answer me

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