Banjo Paterson

(17 February 1864 – 5 February 1941 / New South Wales)

Banjo Paterson Poems

161. Tar And Feathers 1/1/2004
162. Only A Jockey 1/1/2004
163. Opening Of The Railway Line 1/1/2004
164. The Road To Hogan's Gap 1/1/2004
165. The Fitzroy Blacksmith 1/1/2004
166. Hawker, The Standard Bearer 1/1/2004
167. The Bushfire - An Allegory 1/1/2004
168. Saltbush Bill On The Patriarchs 1/1/2004
169. Our Mat 1/1/2004
170. The Man From Goondiwindi, Q. 1/1/2004
171. Camouflage 1/1/2004
172. The Lost Drink 1/1/2004
173. Buffalo Country 1/1/2004
174. The Story Of Mongrel Grey 1/1/2004
175. Fed Up 1/1/2004
176. The Man Who Was Away 1/1/2004
177. Rio Grande 1/1/2004
178. Come-By-Chance 1/1/2004
179. The Hypnotist 1/1/2004
180. The Dam That Keele Built 1/1/2004
181. He Giveth His Beloved Sleep 1/1/2004
182. Over The Range 1/1/2004
183. The Seven Ages Of Wise 1/1/2004
184. The Plains 1/1/2004
185. The Billy-Goat Overland 1/1/2004
186. The Wreck Of The Golfer 1/1/2004
187. With The Cattle 1/1/2004
188. El Mahdi To The Australian Troops 1/1/2004
189. The Old Timer's Steeplechase 1/1/2004
190. Santa Claus 1/1/2004
191. Johnson’s Antidote 1/1/2004
192. Johnny Boer 1/1/2004
193. Bottle 'O' 1/1/2004
194. The Daylight Is Dying 1/1/2004
195. The Ghost Of The Murderer's Hut 1/1/2004
196. What Have The Cavalry Done? 1/1/2004
197. Conroy's Gap 1/1/2004
198. Rio Grande's Last Race 1/1/2004
199. Reconstruction 1/1/2004
200. The City Of Dreadful Thirst 1/1/2004

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Best Poem of Banjo Paterson

The Man From Snowy River

There was movement at the station, for the word had passed around
That the colt from old Regret had got away,
And had joined the wild bush horses - he was worth a thousand pound,
So all the cracks had gathered to the fray.
All the tried and noted riders from the stations near and far
Had mustered at the homestead overnight,
For the bushmen love hard riding where the wild bush horses are,
And the stock-horse snuffs the battle with delight.

There was Harrison, who made his pile when Pardon won the cup,
The old man with his hair as white as snow;
But ...

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Fed Up

I ain't a timid man at all, I'm just as brave as most,
I'll take my chance in open fight and die beside my post;
But riding round the 'ole day long as target for a Krupp,
A-drawing fire from Koppies -- well, I'm fair fed up.
It's wonderful how few get hit, it's luck that pulls us through;
Their rifle fire's no class at all, it misses me and you;
But when they sprinkle shells around like water from a cup
From that there blooming pom-pom gun -- well, I'm fed up.

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