BBSlick7 Agecoutay

BBSlick7 Agecoutay Poems

1. Is It Right To Be Sad... 2/29/2012
2. Questions Are Asked... 2/29/2012
3. I'Ve Seen The Stars, And 2/29/2012
4. Splintered And Divided 2/29/2012
5. Just As I Catch My Breath 2/29/2012
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Questions Are Asked...

Questions are asked and I don't answer. I just lay back and act as if I'm the only one that matters. These people don't know me, because I don't let them. I only show the real me every now and then. Inside myself is a ****ing roller coaster ride and there's no one else, it's just me, myself, and I. Some days I feel so free, the next day life turns around and takes a **** on me. Then this beautiful girl seems to show me the light, and I don't know if this is real, but it just feels right. I know in the end I'll just be hurt, well, I just want to keep myself from going around in circles. I ...

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