beast of burden

beast of burden Poems

1. Playground In The Sky 7/25/2005
2. You'Re Invited 7/25/2005
3. Without You 7/25/2005
4. Solitaire 7/25/2005
5. Fading Opportunity 7/18/2005
6. A Forgotten Dream 7/18/2005
7. Phantoms Of The Night 7/18/2005
8. If I Could Give You Anything... 7/18/2005
9. What Inspires Me 8/15/2005
10. Butterfly Dreams 7/25/2005
11. Rapacious Insatiability (Adult) 7/18/2005
12. Lovemaking 7/18/2005
13. Where The Beast Resides 7/18/2005
14. Fades To Black 7/18/2005
15. Mother Nature Vs The Father 7/18/2005
16. Unsaved 7/18/2005
17. Someone Special 7/25/2005
18. Troubled 7/25/2005
19. Chained 7/25/2005
20. I Believe In Fairy Tales 7/25/2005
21. Because They Are Waiting 7/18/2005
22. Beautiful Lies 7/18/2005

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Best Poem of beast of burden

Beautiful Lies

Inner voice
straining to be heard
Evincing what I already
know to be true
Yet your web of lies
Is so beautifully spun
before me that
I so want to find
even the tiniest glimmer
of truth in those lies
Convincing myself that
those beautiful lies
originated from some
beautiful truth

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Because They Are Waiting

Be forewarned of what you put on paper
Leaving open, the door to your mind.
They are reading, patiently waiting
To feed on your weakness they find.

Be forewarned of what words you speak
Making known to all what you feel.
They are listening, patiently waiting,
To ravage your mind of what is real

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