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Thanks For Playing With My Feelings,

Thanks for playing with my feelings,
How i wish i could stop my heart from beating,
Thanks for playing with my heart,
At least to you this was a fun part,

If You Really Don'T Want Me In Your Life.

If you really don't want me in your life then please say so,
Don't pretend that you enjoy my company,
i will honestly leave you alone, i will go away and disappear,
Just like i came in your life,

Mountains Are Flat, Rain Is Dry,

Mountains are flat, rain is dry,
sky is red, East is at west,
Air is not invisible, Wheels are flat,
Earth is not round, and you're my friend,

You Smile, And Smile And Smile A Bit More,

You smile, and smile and smile a bit more,
but theres something missing,
that just shows,
Something very deep, hidden under those hazel, green eyes,

It Hurts Even More Knowing.

It hurts even more knowing you don't even miss me, When I'm away,
It hurts even more, knowing you don't even think of me,
It hurts even more, knowing that you don't even care for me let alone love me,
It hurts even more, knowing that I'm not special to you like you're special to me,

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Promise 13 January 2018

You are the best poetry and your poems make me cryAdd a comment

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I don't call myself a poet, in all honesty i used to extremely dislike poetry, as i thought that poetry was for someone who has not got a life or for someone who got nothing better to do, but then oneday, i fell in love, and had my heart broken, and in order to let out my feelings i started typing that i had on my mind, i showed this to a friend of ...

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