Bernard Otumun

Bernard Otumun Poems

1. Enslaved 11/9/2008
2. Our Days 11/9/2008
3. Step Into The Light 11/9/2008
4. Love Shareware 11/9/2008
5. Wise Spent Love 11/9/2008
6. Your Superman 11/9/2008
7. Heart Binder 11/9/2008
8. Unexpressed 11/9/2008
9. True Sacrifice 11/9/2008
10. Shadows From My Feet 11/9/2008
11. No More Drooling 11/9/2008
12. Legendary 11/9/2008
13. My Definition Of Love 11/9/2008
14. My Stronghold 11/9/2008
15. Green Life And Light 11/9/2008
16. I Wonder 11/9/2008
17. True Realities 11/9/2008
18. The Weather Man 11/9/2008
19. The Moment I Wrote This 11/9/2008
20. A Man's Future Dream 11/9/2008

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Best Poem of Bernard Otumun

A Man's Future Dream

A man's dreams are numerous
they are like a crowd in an escalator
wearing faces with different races
of talent and diversities

His hopes are outrageous
they are like large numbers of birds
liberated into the air
only to unite at one end

Thinking twice, he gathers himself
when age and responsibility unrests
he eats every parental advice and digest
and wonders what it really takes attain the best

Taking time to weigh his mentor
with love but discrimination
he ask himself silent questions
that puts him in the right track and ...

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Our Days

In the days
when we were suckling babes
we desired the gentle cuddling of our mother's face

In the days
when we discovered our shoes had lace
we desired to walk alone and explore every place

In the days

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