'Without You' Poem by Bernard Snyder

'Without You'

Rating: 4.1

The love songs I used to sing for you
now just seem like shattered words,
the white doves that followed us along the beaches
now seem like ordinary birds,
the sunshine doesn't seem as bright anymore
the moonlight seem to have lost it's glow,
the ocean I once thought was so smooth and romantic
now has an unusual flow,
the raindrops we used to listen to
no longer has that pleasant tone,
nothing seems to be what it used to
since you've been gone,
I've tried everything I could think of
but nothing's the same without you
I just want to enjoy the beautiful things in life again
the way you and I once used to.

David Harris 05 September 2014

A great poem. There is so much feeling there. A pleasure to read.

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Heather Wilkins 19 August 2014

a beautiful worded love poem without you the nights are long

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Anil Kumar Panda 01 August 2014

beautiful love poem.nice flow and rhyme.liked it.

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Loaded with love, loss and loneliness. Well done my friend!

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Rekha Mandagere 01 August 2013

Lovely poem. I enjoyed the diction and the rhythm of the poem. The theme, ' How beautiful life can be if we are there for each other: -) is silently moving in the background of natural landscape'.

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Frankie Smith 23 January 2021

Sad true

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Keith Brown 25 April 2020

Love this great word pictures, havin great trouble typing this? Thanks for reading mine

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Sarah Shahzad 23 December 2019

Excellent..! ! & Nicely penned poem here..

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Mahtab Bangalee 20 June 2019

here on this earth o love everything goes on as usual by natural but I'm alone though in crowd can't scream out speak loud cause without you here I'm into me no truth!

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alan brown 10 September 2018

A very good heart rendering poem of losing someone close to you.well described.Enjoyed all of your poems Bernard.Alan

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