Come, Come To School Poem by Bhargabi Dei Mahakul

Bhargabi Dei Mahakul

Bhargabi Dei Mahakul

Nuadihi, Khuntagaon, Bonai, Dist-Sundargarh, Odisha, INDIA

Come, Come To School

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It is the time of learning,
Come children in earning.
Earn education soon here,
Learn every word in cheer.

To teach you calls teacher,
You have to learn feature.
Future depends on work,
You come breaking murk.

Life depends in new turning,
Come on children on learning.
Come on you bell the ring,
It is time for prayer you sing.

Father of heaven comes here,
To teach values makes seer.
He establishes a new school,
You should all obey his rule.

Come on soon to be soon pure,
Moon gives calmness all sure.
Let us learn that teaches father,
We have to chirp soon further.

All play here knowledge flute,
You know learning gives fruit.
Root is God's wisdom you hold,
By grace all of you shine as gold.

Monday, February 23, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: school
"This poem is a school poem. Children are invited for learning to be educated. Education is best for them. Earning education in school in cheer is nice. Teacher calls to teach and students learn feature of education. Future depends on work. That is why they should come to learn avoiding clumsy path of mist or fog. Always life depends in new turning. So children should come to learn. Teacher says in time to bell the ring and sing prayer. To teach values and make seer within father of heaven comes here. He establishes a new school to teach. Moon gives calmness in teaching. Father teacher teaches values and all should chirp soon. All should play the flute of knowledge. Learning gives fruit. All of us should hold wisdom as it is root of life. By his grace all shine as gold." This is the theme of this poem. This is written in Odisha, India and dedicated to the people of the world.
Madathil Rajendran Nair 24 February 2015

Well rhymed Bhargabi-ji. May children flock to your school in innumerable numbers.

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Lyn Paul 24 February 2015

Your title is so welcoming for children to come to school. Enjoyed your words and too your POet Notes just bursting with love and wisdom. Thank you

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Valsa George 25 February 2015

A loving invitation to children to come and learn! So many years of experience of handling children give you an in depth psychology of children! Unless gently persuaded, they won't understand the significance of getting educated at an age when they are more inclined to play! Enjoyed this poem of a loving teacher's plea!

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Akhtar Jawad 08 June 2018

A beautiful invitation to schools, a nice poem by the poetess.

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Michael Walker 02 December 2017

Most positive thoughts and ideas on schools and education. Plenty of lessons here for young students, 'learning gives fruit', and you play 'the knowledge flute ' together.

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Loaded with life lessons especially for young students.

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Edward Kofi Louis 06 March 2015

Nice piece of work. Thanks for sharing this poem with us. E.K.L.

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Hazel Durham 25 February 2015

Education is an adventure for our minds to reach out and grasp the knowledge to enter an oasis of learning to become a better person with truth and understanding! Beautiful write!

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Bhargabi Dei Mahakul

Bhargabi Dei Mahakul

Nuadihi, Khuntagaon, Bonai, Dist-Sundargarh, Odisha, INDIA
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