All Hope Poem by Bill Smith

All Hope

Rating: 5.0

All hope lies in tomorrow
Betrayed by yesterday
For every new horizon
There is a price to pay
The piper plays his tune
Holds out a hand for gilt
The memory cries a river
The wrong side of spilt milk

All hope lies in tomorrow
Forgetting yesterday
All hope is stored in thoughts
Arranged to form a play
There’s laughter and there’s intrigue
There’s sadness and there’s pain
Yet by the final act
Laughter rules again

All hope lies in tomorrow
Aphrodite by my side
To walk a brave new world
Athena as my guide
All hope lies in tomorrow
Under Helios’s light
To trust tomorrow to Themis
Her justice and her right

Tailor Bell 22 November 2006

top-notch structure and form, Bill, but more impressive is the great flow, elevated subject and classic references. wonderful work. -Tailor B.

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Julia Klimenova 28 January 2006

I liked the second stanza most, though I wonder: isn't there a contradiction between 'forgetting yesterday' and 'stored in thoughts'?

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Pia Andersson 17 September 2006

All hope -yes we need that, at least I me 'Forgetting yesterday All hope is stored in thoughts' means saving and storing good moments to keep you strong Your poem is positive without beeing too much too soon I love it -Pia

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Keith Brown 01 May 2020

Nice poem, great flow easy to read and great in subject

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narci 10 June 2019

hope bit never the last

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Nimil 13 September 2018

A very beautiful poem💗

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Raj Nandy 04 November 2008

This is a great poem Bill, there is lyric, there is poetry, there is philosophy and education! - Raj Nandy New Delhi

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Fred Babbin 11 January 2008

Well constructed. You Brits have the advantage over us. You use classic metaphors the way you breathe. We don't have any of that.

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