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Kindness can be felt

Through your actions, words, a touch

'Shall I compare thee to a summer day? '

The scintillating sun and freshly cut hay

Hark! Dost thou heareth the bells ringeth?

The snow-white angels carols singeth

The cloudless clear and azure sky

Cacophonous as the seagulls' cry


The intricate, exquisite, silk petals

Of the incarnadine and crimson rose

My shadow always sticks to me

All the while chortling and grinning

Magnificent statues took on a lustrous gleam

King Midas wrung his hands at his sheer folly

Red embers fill the sky

The gears constantly turning

Rising from its ashes starting anew

A glowing star descended and grew


Standing tirelessly all day long

Like troops in a massive army


English is a wonderful language filled with sentences and words

True love blossoms like a rose

Spreading fervent yearning and love

The countdown starts echoing through the sonorous bell

My ears start ringing like a calcareous empty shell

The cerulean briny waves are churning
O'er sparkling shores and golden sands
The sun is flaring blazing and burning
Near is verdant and halcyon land

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One Word Of Kindness

Kindness can be felt

Through your actions, words, a touch

We cannot even imagine

It changes us so much

Special are smile

They can travel for miles

They can change your mood

Add them to your food

A pinch of kindness

A dash of care

A sprinkle of generosity

Garnished with humility

The recipe of kindness is ready to be

(Ian M- BondStark007)

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