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I Miss You

I miss being your escape
and you being mine
I miss falling back on each other
through all the hard times.

Do You Know?

No one knows but Him
what will become of our souls
I suggest we pray

Romeo & Juliet

The classic story
of when a boy met a girl
their love led to death.

My Heart's Story

I can't ignore the pain of desire
and have no story to tell
of a life we built on lies
and pretend that love here dwells


Like rain that falls upon my floor
are tears of one you once adored
like shadows stretched across my wall
like the night I heard her call

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Brittney Heck 22 January 2006

Hello Brittney, Your poems are beautiful! Poems aren't really one of my interests, I just thought it was quite unusual to find another Brittney Heck besides me. That is really sweet to know there is another one out there. I wonder if there is more- Oh what the Heck I found one. My birthday is 9-1-83. Well hope you have a wonderful day, feel free to write. Brittney Las Vegas, Nv

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