Love Flakes Poem by Brittney Miller

Love Flakes

Rating: 4.8

Love is like a snow flake
Flutters to the ground
Beautiful and always unique
But when captured in your hands
It quickly melts away

Wahab Abdul 29 February 2012

a beautiful image has been created, a great write.

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Pheko Motaung 29 February 2012

A magnificent poem! You posses great imaginative powers.The subject matter is presented brilliantly! You're the one for the future! Thank you for sharing a beautiful and fabulous poem! Congratulations

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Deaire Taylor 01 March 2012

This is short but very good AMAZING :)

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Bipin Churchung Rabha 05 September 2018

It's short but powerful. Absolutely it melts when someone gets in its hands. Beautiful! Thank you, Brittney, for sharing!

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Bill Cantrell 13 April 2014

It quickly melts away, until another day. Wonderful poem.

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Uche Chidozie 11 March 2012

But when captured in your arm, it quickly melt away-quote from Brittney's poem. i admire this line, composed beautifully with imagery, Love melting away like snow, you are good...

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Crimson Soul 01 March 2012

How True... Capturing Moments In A Single Stanza, Is more Unique Way Of Actually Conveying The Meaning. I Like It :)

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Danny Draper 01 March 2012

A fine delicate poem, succinct. Love like snow flakes should be handled with care, nice metaphor, or conversely the heart is malleable in the right hands where love with trust surrenders to form new shapes as a caring relationship takes form. Top stuff.

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