C R Clark Poems

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Each day she sits in a rolling chair
Constrained by straps to avert a spill
Not knowing who or where she is
Not knowing those who love her still

.come Lord Jesus, Take Me Home

Originally written as a song, tune: Joan Baez, All my trials Lord, soon be over

This earthly life has got me down
When I get home, I’ll wear a crown

*mose And Bonnie Lee

Way back in the mountain and beyond bread creek
Where muscadines hang from the hardwood trees
The coyotes howl all through the night
And backbones tingle when the catamount cries.

A Lonely Man

A lonely man in the midst of a crowd
Is the loneliest man of all
If only he could forget his pride
He could make friends of them all

A Coffee And Hickory Nut Break

The sky was clear that autumn day
A dried out pile of brush
Had needed burning for quite some time
But there’d never been a rush

A teacher was, one day, teaching
Her second grader class
The tale of the three little pigs
When she turned to a lovely lass

A Forgotten Man

His face was brown and wrinkled
His clothes were old and worn
Sitting on a sidewalk bench
He watched the street as traffic swarmed

.hang Gliding

To plunge from high on summit’s peak
And ride the current, swift
Survey the earth in sweeping view
As, with the morning clouds, I drift

.melancholy Dream

Many times when I’m alone, I dream of when we used to go
With sandwiches, out to the lake and watch the people swim
We’d laugh and play for hours, games with little meaning
Until the day had faded, then we’d pack and head for home

.ice Storm Chili

We rose that day, no power at all
The whole county stymied from ice and snow
The central heat, though gas, no good
For, without the “juice, ” it would not go

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