.come Lord Jesus, Take Me Home Poem by C R Clark

.come Lord Jesus, Take Me Home

Rating: 3.7

Originally written as a song, tune: Joan Baez, All my trials Lord, soon be over

This earthly life has got me down
When I get home, I’ll wear a crown
Come, Lord Jesus, take me home

God has promised me in his word
Eternal life through my risen Lord
Come, Lord Jesus, take me home

I’ve not yet seen it, but I’ve been told
Heaven’s streets are paved with gold
Come, Lord Jesus, take me home

Holy Spirit leads I know he’s right
He comforts me both day and night
Come, Lord Jesus, take me home

When life on earth has come and gone
I’ll live in heaven before his throne
Come, Lord Jesus, take me home

Come, Lord Jesus, take me home

©: C R Clark - May 6,1982

C. P. Sharma 02 February 2009

Richard, all is beauty in this prayer but let not the Heaven's street paved with gold. We are already suffering here because of gold, lol. 10+++++ CP

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Fiona Davidson 31 January 2009

Lovely prayer here Richard....thank you...Fi..10+

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Andrew Blakemore 25 January 2009

Beautiful words Richard in praise of our Lord and Saviour. Best wishes, Andrew

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Dee Daffodil 25 January 2009

I see this poem was written in 82...I for one am glad that you are still around to write such beautiful poetry. Hugs, Dee

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Michael Gale 12 March 2009

Great poem! I'll be threr when Jesus do'th call. God bless us all-MJG.

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Kesav Easwaran 09 March 2009

good poem song, Richard...the repetition augments the strength of your belief...adds to its melody...10

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Myrtle Thomas 02 March 2009

A very uplifting verse and I could see it as a song

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Loyd C Taylor Sr 06 February 2009

Poet, you had me packed up and ready to go, tapping my toes along the way! Good work, Loyd

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Meggie Gultiano 05 February 2009

we have a permanent home, Richard where there are no more tears and sadness. This is a very uplifting piece, that i want to say also, Come Lord Jesus, Take me Home.. It is always my heart's desire to be with Jesus. I know, i am not perfect, but i am trying to be.Thank you so much for sharing God bless you, Meggie

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