.hang Gliding Poem by C R Clark

.hang Gliding

Rating: 3.4

To plunge from high on summit’s peak
And ride the current, swift
Survey the earth in sweeping view
As, with the morning clouds, I drift

To look the eagle in the eye
While soaring heaven’s blue
And float on silent wafts of air
Blind to common hullabaloo

It would be grand to hang below
The glider as I tour the sky
And so I would if I just could
Acquire sufficient nerve to try

© C R Clark-5/18/2008

Andrew Blakemore 15 January 2009

I love this one Richard and the last line is great. I'm afraid to say I'm scared of heights too. Well done, best wishes, Andrew

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Vidi Writes 11 January 2009

A perfect fact given by this imagery... A perfect place to hang over A perfect hieght to overview Somewhere over the Tumult of life. Being away...riding the current... Dear Poet... You have shown us how to take a while to sway.

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Dave Dafes 07 March 2011

Wow! This poem brought voice to my dreams.. i wish to try that someday.. What a reminder! Amazing poem.

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Loyd C Taylor Sr 23 January 2009

Very cute. I was thinking I sure don't have the nerve to do that, so I loved the ending, great read! Loyd

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Lynda Robson 19 January 2009

Great poem CR, its never too late to try something new, but I'm scared of heights so count me out he he, 10 Lynda xx

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Ivor Hogg 17 January 2009

What a man dream he can achieve Richard

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Jim Norausky 17 January 2009

Very descriptive poem. Well done.

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