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Each day she sits in a rolling chair
Constrained by straps to avert a spill
Not knowing who or where she is
Not knowing those who love her still

Not knowing if it’s cold outside
Or if the sun does shine this day
Not knowing, since that awful time
Her memory was rudely swept away

Her day is filled with dull routine
Of nurses, pills, food, soft and flat
She cannot eat, so must be fed
Alzheimer’s toll is truly sad

But once she was young and full of life
She loved to laugh and play and sing
Walk barefoot through the meadow grass
Ride horses, wade in quiet streams

She went for strolls down shady lanes
And talked with friends of girlish things
Of life and love and boys and goals
Her life was filled with hope and dreams

She loved the man who won her heart
She wept when death took him away
Now she longs for reunion sweet
And so, each day she sits and waits

©C R Clark 12/20/2008

Fiona Davidson 01 January 2009

So poignant these words...such an awful ilness to come to terms with...thank you for sharing it with us....Fi

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Loyd C Taylor Sr 01 January 2009

Hello Richard. This was a great read and a true picture of one with that particular problem.. It happens a lot. Was this someone you knew? It's a great tribute regardless of her condition. Thanaks, Loyd 10+

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A sad story that is excellently expressed.10/10

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Linda Moore 01 January 2009

You have written a touching poem and heart can be felt in it. I have experienced the feeling of lose and remembering it breaks your heart.....10

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Marilyn Lott 01 January 2009

This is such a beautiful poem, obviously written with love. I've known and loved several people whose mind was swept away by Alzheimer's and it is so very sad. You put it extremely well! A '10! ' Warm Wishes, Marilyn

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Edward Kofi Louis 31 January 2016

To enjoy the beauty of nature under any condition. Nice work.

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Ruan Burke 12 April 2009

Such a sharp image this gives. I am whisked along her path to see what she sees and feel the reality as it slips away. Beautiful and potently expressed - Thank you for sharing this.

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Ivor Hogg 17 January 2009

Pray for her release my friend.her soul has gone on ahead

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 02 January 2009

your poem touches my sad heart.good writes Clark.

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Chitra - 02 January 2009

Your poignant poem paints a moving picture of an Alzheimer's victim. The verses are higly moving and filled with compassion

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