.ice Storm Chili Poem by C R Clark

.ice Storm Chili

Rating: 3.6

We rose that day, no power at all
The whole county stymied from ice and snow
The central heat, though gas, no good
For, without the “juice, ” it would not go

I lit the gas heater on the wall
Thank God, we had it, or we might have froze
Then rummaged through my camping gear
For lanterns, lamps, and Coleman stove

The kids came up they had no power
And theirs was an all electric home
The grandkids bundled and played in the snow
Until we forced them to come get warm

I went to the cabinet for my chili pot
Then raided the freezer for venison, ground
And checking to see what else was there
Tomatoes from last summer’s garden, I found

A couple of onions and seasonings in hand
The Coleman stove on top of the range
A blue flame burning beneath the pot
The plan for survival was now in place

Then stir the kettle, the chili bubbles
Ain’t nothing like chili on a cold, cold day
Dished it up and served with crackers
Ice storm chili, the best I ever ate

© C R Clark 1/15/2008

Fiona Davidson 17 January 2009

Ain't nothing like a good chili anytime....my favourite food...10+++ for this grest poem...Fi

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Tsira Goge 17 January 2009

Exotic and beautiful 'history-adventure...'10. Tsira

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So real...I was there with you and felt the love...enjoyed the chili....10! (now I intrude and ask you to visit my 'On A Winter Day'...

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Ivor Hogg 17 January 2009

I can almost smell that chilli. WE have had a few powercuts of shprt duratio but I quite enjoy writing by candle night Occasionally

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Dave Dafes 07 March 2011

The imagery in this poem is so vivid that i felt the chill as if i was experiencing the winter.. It is great to read...

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Andrew Blakemore 28 January 2009

A lovely story Richard, a very descriptive piece of work. I was shivering as I read it! Best wishes, Andrew

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Loyd C Taylor Sr 23 January 2009

Now Richard, you said you had not camped out all year and here God allowed it in your living room. Sounded great! In fact, that's a new poem starter for you. Camping in the LR (living room instead of the RV) . I enjoyed, Loyd

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Thad Wilk 19 January 2009

Glad to hear you made it through alright, that ice storm chili - saved the night! Great read Richard! ! *10*! Friend Thad

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Rico Avila 18 January 2009

I agree, sometimes better than that hot cup of cocoa.

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