A Coffee And Hickory Nut Break Poem by C R Clark

A Coffee And Hickory Nut Break

Rating: 3.5

The sky was clear that autumn day
A dried out pile of brush
Had needed burning for quite some time
But there’d never been a rush

Let’s go outside, I said to Spud
And burn that old brush heap
We’ll take some coffee with us
‘Cause I’m sure we’ll need a break

We were leaning up against a tree
Little Spud and me
When I noticed nuts there on the ground
That had fell from the hickory tree

I wish we had a hammer, Spud
I’d show you something good
I’ll get it grandpa, he replied
And off to the house he ran

When he got back we looked around
And found a large flat stone
And placed it there beside our tree
Near the rocks we were sitting on

I placed a nut atop the stone
And with the hammer, whacked it
As Spud looked on, it split in two
And I showed him the meat inside it

I opened up my pocketknife
And picked the sweet meat out
Spud liked the taste a lot, he said
Good thing there was more about

We sat there while the brush heap burned
We whacked, and picked and drank
Till the coffee was gone, the fire was out
And Spud was in need of a nap

I believe that I will never forget
That wonderful autumn day
When Spud and I burned a big brush pile
And took a coffee and hickory nut break

Copyright C R Clark-3/10/04

Melvina Germain 18 May 2008

Ahh this is so sweet Richard, I have a grandson and grand-daughter so I can truly relate to this wonderful memory. I feel I had a little visit with you and your grandson here, thankyou so much for that. A big (10) from me. Melvina

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Loyd C Taylor Sr 06 May 2008

Hello again friend. I assume Spud is a grandson, but what a nice memory! LC

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Andrew Blakemore 17 April 2008

I enjoyed reading this lovely and enchanting story. Well done. Andrew

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Don Mcwilliams 02 March 2008

A warm and touching recollection, very nice. Don

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Tsira Goge 10 February 2008

Hello... Beautiful, warm poems, it is sweet I recollect the childhood, thanks that feeling which you caused.... Tsira

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Myrtle Thomas 02 March 2009

Thank you so much for sharing this, your words just brought out the visuals to me.I can recall little things from my past with kids and grand kids, not anything grand, but means so much to me. A 10

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Martin O'Neill 19 January 2009

A touching, gentle evocation of childhood/fatherhood/grandfatherhood/connection. It speaks volumes. Thank you for posting.

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Micron 11 January 2009

A really warm heart felt poem showing the time spent together that was so special. thanks for painting such a great picture that I'm sure will stay in your memory forever hugs micron

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William Kruse 28 December 2008

Wonderful, warm Kodak moment here, my friend; cherished in verse forever.

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 13 August 2008

hey clark i loved this coffee stuff.maybe you would read my cappuccino and mocha poems if you have all the times.

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