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They called me Poor John

I came here long ago
And lived among the streets

I've sat here all day
And nobody has knocked on the door
Do they think of me at all?
Or even know that I am here?

In the morning as the sun rises
I will sneak away and
Run towards the horizon
And keep running

They buried her
In a shallow cist
Her flowing crimson hair

Pegasus's square lights my eyes
His shape familiar to
Dulled irises
A father's warm hand guides my vision

In a restaurant she approached me, proudly shows me her new toy, a little green tractor with yellow stripes. I see the sheer happiness in her eyes lit up like a city street. Her giant smile lifting the whole world with its corners. Now no longer a child but a knowledgeable farmer of fifty years old she drives her John Deere through lush fields of carpet, bringing hay to cattle and silage to sheep. Charmed I look on from a distance as she plays across the floor. Absorbed. A little girl so happy and un-phased by worldly things. I envy her. Oh to escape from cold-hard reality! Like a child pushes her toy tractor, the world pushes one along a path of stress and worry, our rubbery tyres becoming worn-out bringing hay to our cattle and sheep. Seeing her I realise it is not so much a condition as it is a gift. Perhaps we are in fact the unlucky ones, the ones to be pitied. Her mother pays the bill and they leave. The sky is grey outside. Through the window I see life creep along an unhappy city street.

I hang on a cross. You hang on a bed.
I endure for three hours.
You endure at 3 am.
I thirst. You hunger for

Disfigured and
Deformed was he
The little big man
Aged beyond his years

Cainneach Rua Biography

A budding Irish poet from Carlow)

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St. John Returns To Ustyug

They called me Poor John

I came here long ago
And lived among the streets
I ate scraps and crumbs
And things suchlike
The earth swallowed my tears

It was a lonely life.

But the birds sang to me
And at night the angels
Folded me in their wings
When I died they buried me in a field
And the grass mourned over me

Christ took me home
To my hut in the sky
And now
We are very glad

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