Endless Blue! Endless Sea! Poem by Captain Cur

Endless Blue! Endless Sea!

Rating: 4.5

Endless blue! Endless sea!
Oh! Fluid pulse of eternity.
Here I set my distant sight
on the full moon's guiding light.

Through the shoals of discontent
and the rainbows spectrum bent
by the crystal water's glare
from sol's rising restive stare;

stalling winds and bruising rains;
lightening sparks on white tipped plains;
fire skies and thunders dread;
quivering sails on slender threads;

my ship waylaid, my soul reborn
on a tidal swell, in the coming storm.
Here I sing this lay to thee,
Endless blue! Endless sea!

I love you….. with;

pirate heart and pirate soul,
ocean's stillness, ocean's flow,
pirate fears on stormy nights,
wistful tears on points of light,

pirate shores and distant lands,
pirate's raw yet steadfast hands,
pirate falls, flowing streams,
secret caverns, jetting springs,

lapping waves round earthen bands,
pirate's pure white costal sands,
simple language, primal truth,
pirate age and pirate youth,

summer's myth and healing breeze,
towering glaciers boastful freeze,
autumn's soft low hanging moon
and her rays pale crescent swoon,

spring's new life, green island coves,
budding blooms and, a pirate rose!

At the end of days,
my pirate's grave,
in hardened mud
under snowy ice.

I loved you….. with

my pirate's blood,
my pirate's life.

Saturday, August 25, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: blue,eternity,pirates,sea
Translator notes: This is the second poem translated. A great storm was approaching and the Captain wrote this lay to the sea should the Malevolent
not survive. It has also been surmised that this entry could have been inspired
by the Captains love for his muse. Translated April 2012.
Shaun Cronick 30 March 2020

Captain a poem great love and mighty cheer. Superb! ! This just simply flows with ethereal imagery. 10++ and added to my waterproof locker for a smooth seas reread. Thanks to you good Captain Cur and take care and happy sailing sir.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 27 July 2017

Original is unknown but this translation piece in english language is stunning and captivating. A translation juxtaposed would have been interesting. Some touching most lines may be quoted... summer's myth and healing breeze, towering glaciers boastful freeze, autumn's soft low hanging moon and her rays pale crescent swoon,

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Bryan Norton 17 August 2018

My dear Captain, you certainly have exceeded yourself this time, your imagery is breathtaking. I can read this wonderful verse over and over again. Thank you.

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Captain Cur 19 August 2018

Bryan, the comment is very appreciated. The beauty and immensity of the sea. I fear the short sighted whims and greed of mankind will be her destruction with ours soon to follow. So let us sing to her beauty and hope our voices can have some positive impact.

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Ruth Walters 21 July 2017

very descriptive, a trip on the ocean waves and the inside of the heart of the poet :)

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Dr Dillip K Swain 21 July 2021

Superb! Great picture of the sea can be had from this wonderful poem!

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Thomas Case 21 July 2021

This is superb writing

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Bharati Nayak 11 April 2021

Where did my comments vanish?

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Bharati Nayak 10 April 2021

We are the pirates in the high sea of life--We have to sail we have to survive-- With our love, fear, storms and struggles are here --We have to dive for the treasure hidden in the sea.-----A great poem by Captain Cur

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Anjandev Roy 10 March 2021

Superb piece.......like it....thank u...

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