Stealth Of Your Kiss, Love Poems Poem by Captain Cur

Stealth Of Your Kiss, Love Poems

Rating: 3.6

It is in what is small,
what is least about you,
what is recessed,
what is channeled
that harbors your greatest strengths.

You animate me
when each small part of you comes alive.
You are everything I have known
and desired a woman to be.

The compactness of your beauty;
the grace and economy of your movements;
the latitude of your smile;
the utility of your soul.

Hands of warm clay
molded to mine.
The scented breeze of your hair
purifying me.

The solitary sadness in your eyes
addressing my own.
The undertow of your body,
fluid, warm, all encompassing,
taking me to unexplored depths.

The puncture of ego,
the humility of love,
the whispered thoughts,
the longing,
the silent longing, for
the stealth of your kiss.

Ellias Anderson Jr. 11 September 2012

A great wonderful brilliant work from the hero of the seas. this poem is totally great and nice well done dear Captain

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Eindaray Kyaw 11 September 2012

A charming flow and beautiful words can add to my interest....Great! !

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Harriet James 13 September 2012

Fabulous words that caress the soul Captain :)

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X X Uniccjonr X X 13 September 2012

Delighted grrh. Pleasantly done.

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Stupedous, ...the captain in his romantic touch, great! The_African_son

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Shreya Hacks 16 February 2021

Simple and lovely poem.

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Nader Baheri 22 October 2012

so romantically written.i enjoyed the last stanza.yeh without love we are nothing mucgas gracias for sharing

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Nurain Ali-balogun 24 September 2012

Beautiful and deep as pleasure is sought. Brilliantly structured too.

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Eric Cockrell 20 September 2012

love itself magnifies life!

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Unwritten Soul 14 September 2012

Sweet touch on paper! ! as if it was sealed the kiss by words with your inky kiss_Unwritten Soul

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