At The Pond Poem by Cassy Taberna

At The Pond

Rating: 3.2

As I looked around the pond
I see people playing in the snow
Laughing and throwing snowballs at each other
Making snow angles with great pride
Children sledding down the hill as if flying

As I look on the pond
I see people skating
Skating like soaring eagles
Twirling like tornadoes
But graceful as a ballerina dance

As I look around the pond
I see a people having fun
Enjoying themselves
Helping each other as if they were their little sister
I see a peaceful and fun world

But I
I am having no fun
No fun at all
For I am sitting on the bench
Sitting on the bench like a lost dog
For I am cripple

David Knox 16 June 2007

erm i can help but you have to look up this word i can help you be vicarious and that will be great but u gotta look of vicarious

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Ben Gieske 19 June 2007

Refreshing that you picked this theme in the winter time. I gravitate to think about ponds in the other seasons. Actually, I think people do more things around them in the winter time. And here you are composing a poem, not like anybody else. I wonder if they suspect what you are doing. They certainly missed out on some of the fun.

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Gold Flower 26 June 2007

I liked this poem so much! That is how I feel when my friends are having fun at the beach and I can't go. I am sitting bored at home. And nice similes! Or however you spell similes! Keep on writing these great poems! Someday you will be a great poet!

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Professor Murder 25 July 2007

Very Good poem, You are a lot better than me, Keep writing ~peace~ -MaXx

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Michael Gale 04 August 2007

This was a good poem yet a little hint of sadness that pulls on the heart strings of human emotions. Please keep writing. A good writer will come into their own with time and practice of the English language. In school for me, my Kryptonite was math and American History but my strong points was English and Art. God bless all poets and readers alike-MJG.

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Adeline Foster 03 December 2008

Very good word pictures. Adeline

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Nice use of the senses and simile. Well written.

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Ashraful Musaddeq 13 September 2008

A nice poem with nice imagery, like it.

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Amber Lamb 26 July 2008

This a very nice write. You have a great amount of potential, Miss Cassy. Glad to enjoy the results of your efforts.

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, aryaindia 25 July 2008

The sadness and self pity and misfortune of one bereft of god given bounty is picturised in such dwelling words. I am sad. But I am sure god has not let you down...........he has given you the power to pen words......keep shall shine. arya

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