She Rocks! ! ! Poem by Cassy Taberna

She Rocks! ! !

Rating: 4.2

She rocks
She loves to rock
She would rather rock
At rock clubs
Than be working in the dump yard
But she has some priorities
The rent
And the bills got to be paid
And she needs to eat also
Oh! Top that with her family
All seven kids

She Rocks
She loves to rock
She would rather rock
At night clubs
To get away from her troubles
But sometimes it is only a dream

Michael Fischer 25 April 2007

Unfortunately it's difficult to chase our dreams b/c society and its pressures intervenes in our quest. Great poem...I thought the ending was very powerful. Top marks! -Michael

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Gold Flower 26 June 2007

Good poem! What do you mean by she rocks? Do you mean she rocks like she plays the guitar and she is wild or she rocks like she is the best? Oh well! Still, this was a good poem!

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Violet Llewellyn 23 July 2007

A strong poem that shows that even with responsiblities we can still dream. A 10 from me! -Storm

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Peter A. Crowther 25 July 2007

I like this. It is really good!

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Kori Love 01 August 2007

Awesome! I love rock too! !

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Ben Gieske 20 July 2008

Thanks for sharing your concern for those who do their best but keep on suffering despite their efforts.

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Amie-Lee ...... 28 February 2008

Good work. really like it.

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Midnight Maiden 08 November 2007

keep up the good work rock on -midnightmaiden

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Phoenix Rory 01 November 2007

I like this poem. It's really mature, but fun, too.

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Random Crap 22 August 2007

Good poem. Rock on! lol

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Cassy Taberna

Cassy Taberna

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