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Cecelia Weir began writing poetry on the walls of her grandparents home, Mr. Lanon Welch Weir (Summerville) (born in Pickens County, Alabama) and Mrs. Hassia Cornelia Weir (Shaw) (born in Fayette County, Alabama) in Kennedy, (Lamar County) Alabama, at age 5. With a versatile voice for singing and an ear for music and playing the piano, she found constant employment as a musician throughout her childhood.

As a child, Cecelia loved attending school, her aunt, Mrs. Josephine Weir-Kennedy was her principal throughout her elementary education. Cecelia adored her family. Her grandmother, aunts and mother were teachers and assistant teachers. Her grandfather and uncles were service men. This gave Cecelia a strong instinct for self-discipline.

However, it was playing the piano that became Cecelia's passion. It served as consolation and helped support Cecelia's education after her mentor and grandmother, Mama Hassia, passed away in 1966.

Cecelia remembered the many days she would attempt playing the piano, Mama Hassia would sit beside her to gently guide her tiny fingers.

Later, recognized as a child genius; Not only playing every note she heard but also having the ability to play lead with both hands and still play background, made playing a full scale piano sound like an orchestra. Serving as soloist and part-time musician for her hometown church in Lamar County, Alabama. She felt it couldn't get any better than that and knew Mama Hassia would have been proud.

Cecelia's undaunted faith in God and her grandparents love resting within her heart; beginning at age 7, she became president of the Sunbeams, Red Circle of the District Congress and co- musician, there, with friend Arelia Randolf.

Age thirteen when Cecelia entered Junior High School she was a cheerleader for the Todd High Yellow Jackets and was chosen as Junior High Queen.

At age 14, Cecelia was moved to West Point, Georgia, to live with her aunt, Dr. Cornelia Weir Hoggs, and family. It was at Harrison High School, she played flute in the Concert and Marching Bands. She was employed at the St. John Community Baptist Church and the Bethlehem Baptist Church, as Musician, eight of the nine months she lived there. When the school term ended, she returned home to be reared by her grandfather, Mr. Lanon, in Alabama.

Cecelia, now, acquired a full time position at her, hometown church, the New Grove Baptist Church. She also was musician for churches in Fayette, Pickens, and Walker Counties in Alabama and Lowdnes County, Mississippi.

Now, beginning a new school term and for the first time, Cecelia would be attending a desegregated school. This didn't seem to matter. She was friends with most of the children in Kennedy.

Without knowledge she was a child prodigy and a pioneer which had inspired many others. As a child she was known to have the grace of her mother but the charisma of her father. Foremost, it was her abilities as a soloist and musician that captured the heart.

In 1976, at age 21, because of family issues regarding her fathers identity and concern for familial sexual aggressiveness upon Cecelia; this influenced, by her father's authority, to move she and her three year old daughter to Memphis.

Upon her arrival, she immediately became employed as a church musician in Tennessee, parts of Mississippi and Arkansas. They all made demands for her to sing. She was known as quote; The Little Girl that Could Line a Hymn. (unquote)

In Memphis, Cecelia thrust herself into depths of being a mother; Biblical Studies, her Writing and Music.

It is Memphis where she released her first (musical) recorded single. 'Long Ago'.

Instead of becoming introverted she became extroverted and extensive in assisting others and involving her religious inclinations where accepted.

She sang with a gospel group, 'The Harris Singers' organized by Beale Street Legend and Musician, Mr.Eddie Harris. Singing with The Harris Singers, in 1977, Cecelia, organized her own group. (Cecelia Weir Ensemble) Her group traveled within the Mid-South area specializing in performing compositions written by Cecelia Weir. 'The Comforter Has Come', 'He Steps', 'Tossing and Turning' and etc. However, Cecelia was most requested to sing her signature song, 'Someone Who Cares'.

Cecelia was most intrigued when her group was invited to perform for Christmas Cantatas at Lane Avenue Baptist Church where the Pastor was Rev. Jasper W. Williams. It was here that she was introduced to World Renown Pastor's Rev. Cleophus Robinson, Rev. Clay Evans and Recording Artist; Rev. Oris Mays whom she produced TV Specials, Commercials and later wrote Liner Notes for his Album. 'God Can Do It'.

As a Composer; one of her compositions, 'We Are Family' was the theme song for the nationally syndicated radio program 'Let's Keep Family Together. Featuring Mrs. Cordell Jackson (Moon Records) It was at this time Cecelia received her license as a National Commercial Artist through Creative Talent Network Inc. She wrote Commercials and Jingles for Advertising Companies. And a card carrying member of the National Press Association.

Being multifaceted, to her peers, Cecelia was humble but always eager and quick to learn, nevertheless, she was just as enthused to teach others.

Lifetime (adult) friend, Mattie Adams stated, 'Cecelia Weir is exceptional and spiritually endowed. She has been denounced for her numinous
attitude but it has been a part of her character since I've known her.. I've never met anyone with her abundance of compassion. If you're wrong she's compassionate and if you're right, she is still compassionate but proud. She is most dutifully theocentric.

Mrs. Adams remembered Cecelia walking home when a small boy, threw a rock and hit Cecelia's arm. Some of the girls around her wanted to jump him but Cecelia said, 'Leave him alone, he is pitiful.' The boy ran home crying, I guess because they done nothing. I wanted to say something but what was the use. When children would meddle, she would just look at them, and wouldn't say a word.

She was often meddled being mulatto and with a multicultural background. Her greenish-blue eyes, her hair texture and her slinky statue which often got attention but the girl undeniably had talent. She was just humble. No one would know, she was so talented, if she wasn't asked to perform.

Mrs. Adams said, 'I've seen Cecelia upset but she would still profess what was right. I don't think that counts.' 'Some people are just better by nature than others are by practice. Cecelia has an amazing spirit for truth and peace.'

In 1981, Cecelia was published internationally for poetry, 'I Am The Best Of, That I Am.' by Vantage Press Publishers of New York, New York. This poetry inspired many to push beyond the expectations of family.
Realizing that family expectations can push you only so far, but can also hinder you.. Especially when you envision yourself exceeding or escaping beyond their dreams. This poetry was later dubbed, 'A Crusader for Life.'

Cecelia's drive and belief: 'Through Anything, Something or Nothing,
God, Please, Save My Soul.'

Also, in 1981, Cecelia was recommended for the movie 'This Is Elvis'. However, as Cecelia, shyly, stood on the sidelines. Her part drew interest and curiosity as she and another person discussed their lines. She shared knowledge of historical events which were not included, in the movie. She mentioned, in a casual conversation, that Elvis' performed at the Old Handy Theater and that he was the featured artist for the grand opening of the Lamar-Airways Shopping Center, in Memphis, during his early career days. Both these venues were in the heart of Orange Mound, Memphis, Tennessee. Predominantly, the Black Neighborhood. And she brought out the fact that Elvis was in Alabama, before she moved to Memphis. She also said that Elvis had personal friends and relatives in Alabama. Which seemingly wasn't public knowledge, at the time. Producer, David Wolper overheard her, and found Cecelia's information accurate and vital. She was approached to remain as an Extra. When Cecelia was asked how did she know, She revealed, that her Mother told her. And that her Foster Mom attended both events.

Cecelia was later confronted, by reporters and the national tabloids. They wanted to know, why she had not revealed that her, legal, last name was 'Presley'. They were reprimanded for pursuing her but not before she was jeopardized.

On the night of the premier, Cecelia was found saying, she was glad it was over. Because it gave an overview of how quickly society can control your life, even, without you being involved.

After the movie, opportunity knocked for Cecelia to write her memoirs. She refused. She refrained from public appearances. Other than serving as musician for church, she was forced, by enthusiasts, to take her daughter from the Memphis City School System.

As a young philanthropist; Cecelia established a ministry to financially assist children in school. She also aided the elderly with medical expense. This was before healthcare assistance or health fairs were prevalent. She opened an account with Beloate Drug Store through Dr. Kevin Woo, to provide senior citizens with medicine and medical supplies.

C.W. Ministry supplied clothing, distributed food and supported shelters for the homeless. She offered transportation for patients with special needs. For children and adults without insurance, she referred them to her friend, Dr. Sudah Prasad who was just opening a new clinic. Dr. Prasad knew Cecelia's vision and would often give services, free of charge.

The week of Christmas 1983, Cecelia answered a request of local radio announcer, Joan Golden, to assist a family of eight who had lost everything in a fire. Joan Golden, spoke with Cecelia, personally, about this family's tragedy. Together, they traveled to Arkansas to deliver the family's necessities. Through C.W. Ministries, the communication between Joan and Cecelia turned into a friendship. Cecelia became Joan's publicist and served, free of charge, for 24 years.

Joan said that Cecelia is phenomenal because there was no limit to her selflessness. 'Many friends and family don't understand her sincerity or genuine kindness or concern for others. I've learned more of us should be like her. When I learned of her non argumentative behavior and what I thought was an obsession to help others. I asked her why.' She taken me by the hand, looked at me and asked me, 'If God gives you an idea, to help someone or to do something, of His Will, by His Power, by His Might; its His trust that He has placed in you, to do it.'. 'Look at the honor! ' 'It should be our privilege with exceeding joy, just to be chosen. I found out He has already equipped us for the journey.' I felt a calmness when I thought about what Cecelia said.'

Cecelia is a licensed Federal Communications Operator and a licensed Commercial Artist. In the seventies; Hosting, Co-Hosting and Producing TV and Radio Gospel Shows and commercials for WBRC-TV Birmingham, Alabama and WCBI-TV Columbus, Mississippi. In the late seventies and early eighties; her passion for producing became her hobby for Cablevison/Turner Broadcasting. In the nineties; once again, Cecelia returned to the airways, producing her own radio broadcast and hosting, 'Wake Up and Let's Go'. (KWAM, WMQM, and WAVN) . And through Creative Talent Network Inc. her secular music was used as themes for Nationally Syndicated Shows. Many of her shows presented young talent as well as established talents. She said it kept the balance of inspiration to the young and to elders while inspiring the artist. Her group sang on WDIA on Sunday Mornings, Where Friend and Broadcaster, Linda Morgan served as their Radio Host.

With greater opportunities in the Broadcast, Film and Recording Industry; Cecelia remained employed in Memphis, as Minister of Music for 20 years and Assistant Pastor for 13 years, of the Taylor Chapel Baptist Church, founded by the Late Rev. John Thornton Taylor, Sr. Many came to hear her sing and profound speaking abilities, nevertheless, she is known definitely as a gospel singer with a suave touch of jazz and blues but she never forsaken writing. Cecelia has also served as a substitute teacher for Memphis Private Urban Schools and upon request by the Catholic Diocese, made appearances to present poetry to school classes.

And co-owned businesses in the automotive industry.

Her publications are still being used TV Evangelist and Radio shows; Studied by philosophers and scholars within the United States and abroad. Published and translated throughout the world into, over,40 different languages.

She was inducted into the INTERNATIONAL POETRY HALL OF FAME in 1997 and again in 2017. in 2002 she recieved the Poet of Merit Award. Also in 2017, Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide awarded Cecelia as a Woman of Excellence. She was dubbed as one of the most Famous Poets out of 500 in the world. There are too many more awards to record, within the Literary Arts. She was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in 1998. In her home library, the walls are filled with Editor's Choice Awards, framed newspaper clippings with other documents, certificates and degrees. Yet, when she is addressed as Dr. Weir or Ms. Presley she simply says, call me 'Cecelia'.

Honors were bestowed upon Cecelia for poetry entitled, 'WHATS HARD', which has remained her number one requested piece of poetry since 1985.

Anything that's hard
God does it Himself
He does all the hard things
Its just the easy things
That are left.

Nothing is hard
Not under the sun.
We have restrictions
God's work is done.

Ms. Weir studied beyond the arts of poetry. She is a licensed Ordained Minister and is CEO of Cecelia Weir Ministries. (Founded in 1976)

Upon moving to Memphis she immediately joined Bountiful Blessings C.O.G.I.C. under the Leadership of International Presiding Bishop G.E. Patterson.
Dr. Gene Crockett and Mother Irene Echols were her Instructors.

Being an Evangelist; Degree in Divine Metaphysics by age 27; Her studies include Moody Bible College, Ambassadors Bible College, National Baptist Theological Seminary, Penn Foster College, American Detective Institute and etc.

Founder and Publisher of the Gospel Motion Gazette.

As a young woman during this era, (1976-1979) studying the Bible, from the South, she was often ostracized and ridiculed. But with the personal influence of great Instructors as C.M.E. Bishop, Rev. R.C. George, Sr., Elder R.C. George, Jr. and Elder Oscar Bailey.. Baptist Religious Instructors: Dr. Eugene Waller, Dr.. Eddie Currie, Dr. W. C. Holmes, Dr. Calvin Mims, Dr. Maudean Seward, and Dr. Adrian Rogers of Tennessee. Advantist; Dr. Herbert W. Armstrong (California) Baptist Minister: Dr. William H. Radney; (Cecelia's Pastor in Georgia and Newspaper Founder of The National Baptist Leader) , and Rev. J.H. Summerville, (Cecelia's childhood Pastor until 1976) (Alabama) all whom personally spoke with her periodically. They respected her talents and recognized her prophetic insight and inward passion for righteousness and rightfulness. But most of all her profound pursuit to know the Word of God and apply it.

They found she had immense self control and without a word, carried a presence and ability to motivate others; Dr. Eugene Waller reminded Cecelia by using one of Cecelia's messages entitled, 'Infect Your Surrounding', which expresses, a daily walk of life is not just a Sunday Morning event.

This message encourages others to infect their surroundings with a more positive and rightful attitude. Sighting that this world is not our home and that when we find this truth, we must infect this world with the Goodness of God.

Her Friend and Governess; Music Professor, Willette Springer, and Ministerial Mentors continued to support and encourage her biblical studies; This was Cecelia's passion. Cecelia was inspired and her faith was increased. She said once she attempted to walk away. The more she tried to flee and involve herself with outside detainment and activities, within every situation, God would point out the need for her life to make a difference. She said, 'I, being human, thought I was getting away but God was really leading me, to show the importance of Him, in my life, for the sake of others'.

Dr.Eugene Waller and Rev. Eddie Currie encouraged and tutored Cecelia in writing and publishing messages and poems. They also persuaded her to study and attend different denominational institutions and their classes, which she did.

Cecelia emphasizes that she is indebted to the Holy Boldness of these great Men of God. They lectured and taught her at a time when it was uncomfortable or unacceptable, among many, for women to express their knowledge of God. Neither did they express thoughts of their growth of spiritual intellect or depth in righteous religious character. It was frowned upon even as an Evangelist. She was often told, 'tone it down.'

Dr. Weir says, 'It was not my dreams, as a breakthrough for my own future but it was the vision of my mentors that the procedures of Christian Life become a cultivation with a broader reality among mankind. I'm grateful for their vision including me.'

In 1985, Dr. Weir joined Pentecostal Temple C.O.G.I.C. under Bishop J.O Patterson, Sr. and has remained.

Cecelia Weir, a Sworn Officer of the Law. As a professional in Security, a Private Investigator and Special Operations Officer, she qualified and was given an opportunity to become a Texas Ranger. These professions, lost competition when she surrendered to her lifetime Calling Career in the Ministry.

Cecelia wears the title of CHRISTIAN AMBASSADOR; bestowed upon her by the United Christian Faith, International, Dr. Joseph B. Gines, Dean Of Education and the Rite of Reverend by The United Fellowship Baptist Church; Dr. Freddie E. Travis, Sr., Senior Pastor. Doctor of Divine Metaphysics, Divinity, Religious Science and Theology.

Dr. Weir encourages anyone to study for the enhancement of their gift (talent) . For your gift truly shall make room for you.(Proverbs 18: 16)
Ms. Weir is the mother of one daughter, Elizabeth Antoinette. The grandmother of four; Lanon II, Christian, Nicole, Corey.

Cecelia received the Poet of Merit Award in 2002 from the International Library of Poetry for her literary piece entitled, 'THE SIFTING'.

For this outstanding contribution she received honors and recognition from New York, New York, Mayor: Michael Bloomberg and UNITED STATES PRESIDENT; GEORGE W. BUSH, JR.

The poem emphasizes expressions and conversation from the Twin Towers, to you, (the public) after being violently attacked by terrorist, September 11,2001.

Lady Liberty dropped a tear
As Manhattan bowed her head.
The world watched as I collapsed.
But consciously I am not dead.

I held up my statue wounded
Hoping others could escape.
For I knew then my destiny
I felt my deadly fate.

I sifted through my memory
To see if I'd done my best.
To show the spirit of a true American.
Then I surrendered to my final rest.

In 2002, United States PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH, JR., presented 'The Patriot Day Proclamation' to Cecelia Weir for 'The Sifting'.

The Published Works of Cecelia Weir can be found in Public and Private Owned Libraries, in Books, E-Books, on CD's and Online, (translated in over40 languages) throughout the world.

Her works are also found in the Smithsonian Institute, Library of Congress, and the Library of Poetry. Tennessee State Library Archives

Cecelia Weir remains an Honorary Member of the Lieutenant Governor's Staff, the Shelby County Sheriff's Department of the State of Tennessee, American Association of State Troopers and a member of the Fraternal Order Of Police.

Dr. Weir served as Executive Administrative Assistant for Outreach Ministries International and Genesis Baptist Church. Speaker for the re-opening of The Memphis Overton Park Shell. Dr. Weir has been chosen Speaker for numerous occasions throughout Memphis and the United States.

As a Recording Artist, Cecelia has performed for Churches, Civic Affairs, Personal and Private Occasions.

Cecelia is a contributor to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary. She has received numerous trophies, awards and certificates for her devoted efforts, her achievements and literary contributions from Presidents, Governors, Magistrates, Dignitaries, Religious Leaders and Organizations, even the Most Eminent; Queen of England.

Cecelia Weir's Motto: Lord, Touch My Life Daily, So When Others Touch
Me, They Will Feel You Touching Them.

The Best Poem Of Cecelia Weir

O So Lonely

O So Lonely
Are the days gone by.
When others enter your life
Then you push them by.

O So Lonely
When you were in control.
To love them or leave them
You were ever so bold.

O So Lonely
While you sit alone.
No one is there
To make your house a home.

O So Lonely
After all the hearts you break.
Did you ever think it was you
Who you'd really forsake?

O So Lonely
When life was just a dare.
You didn't take time to love
You didn't try to care.

O So Lonely
Have you learned the rule?
That its not just about you
But it does take two.

O So Lonely
Why sit and contemplate?
While others enjoy life
Its never too late.

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Rudy Muvro 19 June 2015

what a beautiful soul

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Paul Sebastian 14 May 2014

Very engaging poet. Extraordinarily talented. A blessing for many!

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Cecelia Weir Quotes

Don't get upset and quit; when you are pushed aside or overlooked. They see your greatness and realize they don't belong with you.

People get jealous when you know who you are while they are still searching for themselves.

People get mad and don't like you because you don't do what they do or like what they say; just because you're different. Wow! They will be mad all of their life. They don't know everybody is different!

When people are stupid; don't allow yourself to think about it. Don't become one to know one. Don't draw that spirit to you.

Why Do We Worry so much about what race we are; when God just wants us to be who we are.

Struggle may not be good for everyone but the longer you struggle the further you make it.

The man that masters his temper has mastered the direction of his soul.

Life is not purposed to live trying to find someone to love But for someone to love you who has found a purpose to live.

Live a little, you'll get a little. Live a lot, you'll get a lot.

Your season is not over. Get up and receive it.

It takes no courage to fight an enemy but much strength to stand against a friend.

Many people just can't stand or believe you can be born with a clean heart or a clear mind. They hate you even more when you struggle to avoid the trouble of them.

The grass does grow The rains causes floods The earth does quake Tornadoes do travel And age, age grows older While all man has are warnings.

You are not mediocrity You are royalty.

How beautiful are the lily's that grow The flowers that bloom in spring. The towering height of an old oak tree Just standing to protect me. Like birds eagerly in the morning sings The inspiration of laughter, love and joy That only a friendship like this can bring.

If you think others are inside the box; Guess who is left outside, as the prey.

Do not accommodate those who don't expect education, prosperity and success from you. Excel, Exceed and Explore beyond their expectations.

Use another's belittling of you as a stepping stone. Leave them in their own mind.

Stress is not a killer but a signal for area improvement.

Stress is not a killer but a signal for area improvement.

People will keep you bound by their control; if you show how much you depend on them.

Be careful when you're in need not to befriend people who see or use you to set themselves upon a shelf. Do without until you can do for yourself. Work your way through. You're intelligent enough to do it.

Beware of your intelligence; it always reveal who you are.

The integrity of ones dignity should always be aware of the approach of ignorance.

Your life is a book; it has visions, it builds dreams. You should live it from cover to cover. Don't let the reader assume anything: You create the mental scene, you give the emotional intensity, you develop its reality, you create the Life of the Book.

Sin kills the flesh; Love heals the soul.

Don't turn around when offended; there are more people that respect you for the good you've done than those who disrespect you for their misunderstanding.

The spiritual existence of the soul proves the human exposure of nature; therefore creating a balance of responsible behavior.

It is the spirit of the wind that proclaims its understanding by the result of external order.

The parts of me that wishes to bring me down, are the same parts of me that encourages me to lift myself up.

Be faithful to yourself; and you won't have time to indulge whose not faithful to you.

No one is better than anyone else; we only do things and make choices differently.

One should never repel the progress of the intelligence of the mind but excel beyond what they already know.

Without the cultivation of the mind the crop of culture refuses wisdom.

Some people will push you aside when they don't know how to be sociable; not knowing its not required to know everything, just to get along.

Do not be ashamed to walk alone. God seeks the lone sheep.

Allow no one to pressure you to live beneath your dignity; just to be their friend.

I can't remember when I forgot What it is that I can't recall. But I can remember that I once knew it But now I don't know it at all.

If you don't know who you are; you don't know who you will become.

I will not be a failure at being the best I can be.

Be the first to want to see how much you can achieve.

You don't get back at the devil acting like one: Do good.

Look at yourself; Plan for yourself.

When you speak to others; your words should be what you want to hear.

Protect the anointing on your life. Stop abusing yourself by being insensitive to the goodness of God, within.

Some People Will Label You Because They Know You Are a Friend They Will Never Deserve to Have.

Some Learning Experiences which Comes Through the Flesh; Should Only Be Left in the Mind

If you've got room to be jealous Then you've got time to be busy.

People were happy thinking you were flopping And were disappointed when they found out you were flipping.

Don't be a roadblock Some people already a wreck.

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Cecelia Weir Popularity

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