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Chad Otte Poems

1. Morels 1/28/2011
2. Rapture 1/28/2011
3. Ling Ling (Delicate One) 1/28/2011
4. Silver Fuzzy Snow (Haiku In Tanka Form) 1/28/2011
5. Movie Theater 1/28/2011
6. Spirits 1/28/2011
7. Band-Aid 1/28/2011
8. Stand Up (To Pray) 1/28/2011
9. Solace 1/28/2011
10. The Bricklayer 1/28/2011
11. Faith 1/28/2011
12. Dad 1/28/2011
13. My Friend 1/28/2011
14. God Is With Us 1/28/2011
15. Red Crow 1/28/2011
16. Dialysis (Memoirs Of A Patient) 1/28/2011
Best Poem of Chad Otte

Dialysis (Memoirs Of A Patient)

Tan speckled floors
Accept new converts
The constant wailing of the machines
Promise some another day
I try to remember faces
But they soon will fade away
I feel like I'm doing time
But time still controls me
I try to accept this fate as a gift
For without the cleansing of my blood
I would surly end up stiff!

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Movie Theater

Paisley carpet shocks me alive

Double doors separate my allegiance

I back into my interview

Floor offers me sticky solitude

Crunch of bones litter my path

My throne dares me to fit

I take a deep breath

I disappear.

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