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Somebody told it was the color
Of her dress attracted him first
Then her looks, as the gist
Of the innocence and the valor

But it was for me, her eyes
That revealed the truth of passion
And as the petals of the sun that rise
In a sky of darkness, a revelation

I swam across that river, with her
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Virginia Pecho Gely 27 December 2011

Love has been described in pen by many poets, known and unknown. Your LOVE is devinely re-defined through your own lines...A very well blended poem and mystically poetic. Continue your adventure towards writing....You are gifted! Thanks for sharing.

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John wake 21 December 2011

great poem, kinda like a romantism poem, with your nature analogies

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Siyabonga A Nxumalo 18 December 2011

'but it was for me, her eyes that revealed the truth of passion.' great poem my friend, ,10++++

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Vipins Puthooran 12 December 2011

(Love is divine) ... 'tis a g'd poem, , I love this poem! ! ! ! 10++ Plz read my poem(love and love at first sight)

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Life Goes On 11 January 2012

Swirled in that hurricane together Driven by a divine feeling behind us beautiful lines

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Brianna Winebarger 10 January 2012

this is a beautiful poem and is inspiring. you have a way with words

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Silverinna Annastasia 05 January 2012

So romantic and true to ones heart. It is rare, I believe, to find a true person with the full passion and idea of love. You, my friend, have shown us your heart of love.

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Neetha Sasidharan 04 January 2012

really, , this one evoks true feelings in d reader grt poem

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Elizabeth Wesley 01 January 2012

So much emotion, a feeling of abandon and very romantic. Your poem is lovely to read! :)

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