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Life After Death

Rating: 4.8

What is life after death?
Is a miracle for every one
Some believes to go to hearth
If devilish act has done.

Some may go to a land called paradise
If those acts done, which is kind
But for everyone it's a surprise
The life before birth, difficult to find.

Into that darkness before our birth
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Sally Plumb Plumb 13 January 2012

Good advice. Try Love after Death.

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Dead Rose 10 January 2012

Is there a life after death? Though it's a good poem.......10***** Rose

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Vrinda Bhatia 08 January 2012

Really beautiful. Gets us thinking about the fact that life's too short for petty things.

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Ramesh Rai 08 January 2012

a nice poem, nice imagination. well versed my frnd.

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Virginia Pecho Gely 07 January 2012

A beautiful poem of hope those whose lives are in two roads....good and evil.... The works are magical and the rhyhming is fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

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Hans Vr 10 April 2012

So true, we do not know. The good we do here is rewarded immediately with peace of mind that may last into eternity.

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good mystic poem with great philosophical thoughts. i love it very much

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Silverinna Annastasia 05 February 2012

I enjoyed that poem. Well done.

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Lasoaphia Quxazs 14 January 2012

Everybody is right here, nobody knows what is life after death and this poem is written so well. Do good until you are here. I choose that too, where ever I pass I do some kind of kindness, not for show off, but for my own happiness.

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Brianna Winebarger 13 January 2012

beautiful and touching....heartfelt....great questions to ask yourself

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