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Merry Christmas!

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Christmas is coming with a rush
Little children just won't hush

Crying, sighing and making a fuss
Waiting for gift, is on what they focus

Making some parents overly weary
Cash shortages causing them to worry

Children are looking for their present
Sadly for some parents all is not pleasant

Too little time and with too little cash
Life's giving most parents a bash

Hoping Santa is on His way
Time is short He mustn't delay

Kids will be crying if He is late
As upon him they rest their fate

Then for love's sake parents must focus
Upon their children gifts for it's a Child

Who makes Christmas so very famous
He is Christ Jesus our only Saviour

Was sent from heaven to earth
Bringing with Him light and life

Redeeming us is a great favour
Let's all sing and be merry

While kids play and be happy
Merry Christmas, every one

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Merry Christmas!
It's just owing to time of the year why this poem is born!
Bernard Snyder 27 December 2014

Very nicely written poem, mr. Prince! Thanks for sharing such a masterpiece!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 19 December 2014

Who makes Christmas so very famous He is Christ Jesus our only Saviour this is the main substance of the poem. Nicely envisioned. Many thanks.

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Sossi Khachadourian 18 December 2014

Nice poem thank you for sharing this beautiful poem Merry Christmas wishing you Happy New Year!

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Hazel Durham 18 December 2014

A beautiful write about Christmas and a very Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

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Lyn Paul 23 December 2014

Wonderful words expressed Clarence. Love your notes too as to why this poem is born. Cheers to you.

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Edmund Strolis 27 April 2016

I had to read this, who cares if it is April. Christmas brings out some of our best sentiments and I was right. The thoughts and pictures in my mind's eye made me smile and laugh and then nod slowly.....Christmas in April. I hope you plan on another gift next Christmas. Wonderfully penned and WHAT A GREAT PICTURE too. The full package...10

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Kim Barney 16 December 2015

I'm glad you brought out the real reason we celebrate Christmas. Too many people take CHRIST out of Christmas, and what's left? Only mas, or is it a MESS?

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Stephanie Hazle 12 December 2015

Such a beautiful and honest piece. And very timely too. Have a wonderful Christmas as you celebrate the birth of the King!

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Bri Edwards 01 December 2015

focus/fuss.............. :) nice try! I'll buy it; the rhyme, that is. one favorite line: “Life's giving most parents a bash” ……………..maybe. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Hoping Santa is on His way Time is short He mustn't delay ............i usually only capitalize 'his' and 'he' at the start of a sentence and when referring to God (though i no longer adhere to a belief in 'Him, i do continue to capitalize, as i was taught to do many years ago) . Perhaps Clarence is trying to sneak God in here somewhere? ? let me read onward.............. I don’t recall ever thinking of gift-giving to children at X-mas time as a parallel to Jesus and the gifts from the 3 Kings, OR the gift(s) Jesus and His Dad ‘reportedly’ bestowed on Mankind. I think NOW is a great time for Dad and Son to look down upon the Earth again [YES, WE ARE STILL HERE, you Guys! ] and bestow a little more Peace and Good Will Towards “Men” from ALL other “men”. Amen! and, fitting the “season”, I shall place this poem into my/our DECEMBER “a showcase for PH poets”, SECTION B, on my PH site. it is to be found in my list of poems. thanks, Clarence! :) bri

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A sweet song in honour of the Saviour that is applicable all year round. Well done my friend,

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