I'm Dreaming Of A Right Christmas Poem by Colette Dright

I'm Dreaming Of A Right Christmas

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Welcome to December. A joyful, jolly month. A month of happiness, beautiful lights, decorations, positive vibes, excitement, gift giving, peace on earth and love. Yes, this is the right time and this is the right season. A season of endings, out with the old and beginnings, in with the new. End the year strong and begin the new year even stronger.

I have decided the gift to myself this Christmas is to start doing right, not just in some areas, but in every area of my life. And how I will do that is to maintain a right attitude, stay on the right path with the right frame of mind, right my wrongs, have the right perspective and outlook on life, live right, eat right and do what is right by God.

And just like we all do, we all have choices in life. I may not have all the right answers, but I will make the right choices that is best fit for me.
I have the right to choose what I will and will not accept and I will not allow, settle or accept anything less than what I deserve.

I am so truly grateful to see each day and to be given another chance to get it right that I will not waste it complaining, fussing, being bitter or mad.
I am excited about my future and all that is to come. It's never too late, so I'm gonna start right now, for this is the right time for me to write down my goals and plans for what I want to accomplish and achieve and I know God will have the right people aligned as needed.

This Christmas and for the new year to come, be the shining light in your life. Let all that you say, think and do be a reflection of God's love for you.
It is right to live right, so with that being said, I'm Dreaming of a 'Right' Christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2018
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Gajanan Mishra 20 December 2018

Joyful life Joyful time Joyful world

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Gio Masserati 20 December 2018

Congratulations on your new lifestyle and your poem. May you reach the pursuits you long for as your hopes and dreams rise up to meet you! For a Christmas just Right! Gio

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