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1. Black Clothes 10/19/2007
2. You Never Notice 10/19/2007
3. Tried 10/19/2007
4. Wake Up 10/19/2007
5. Sometimes 10/19/2007
6. To Whom This My Concern 11/6/2007
7. Just Another Screw Up 11/6/2007
8. Your Wrong 11/14/2007
9. I Am Free 6/4/2008
10. Mixed Feelings 12/3/2008
11. Love Poem 12/3/2008
12. Why 12/3/2008
13. Broken For To Long 10/16/2007
14. Have You Ever 10/16/2007
15. I'M Not The Girl You Though I Was 10/16/2007
16. I Would Love To Tell You 11/14/2007
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I Would Love To Tell You

I would love to tell you
that I'm happy to be alive
I wish i could tell u this
but it would be a lie

I would love to tell you
that i am doing ok
that i don't harm myself anymore
but truth is i play with a blade

I would love to promise you
That I won't dissapear
I wish that I could tell you that
And take away your fear

I would love to tell you
That I am in no danger
But the only way i could tell you that
Is if you turned into a stranger

I would love to tell you
That I am safe and sound
That you can always come and find ...

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Just wanting to wake up
Reconnect with reality away from my day dreams
I feel like I'm so far away, but I'm right here before you
I take a look around, but can't remember how I've made it here

I feel so distant with numbness
Can't really say when life might just finally catch back up with me

I'm tired of things being this way

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