Smile Of Hope

Rating: 5.0

My life was a routine, and sadly always be
No one understands me, I am out of glee
I go to a slide, hoping for a change
I fall down so gently, with some hair out of range

She held out her hand, shining like the sun
Curious I reached out, hoping she won't run
I touched it, I stood up, and together we walk
Telling and listening, with a million other talk

I bought her a toy, she taught me how to feel
I hold both her hands, and believe now so real
I look into her eyes, and see a glint of light
'There is hope', says she. She told me with might

And everyday I look up above
And see the wings, that taught me how to love
I remember how she left she, she turned into butterflies
But still I see her light, full of smiles and not of cries.

Obinna Eruchie 02 July 2009

An interesting poem on hope brightened.

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Linda Winchell 04 February 2009

I loved this poem. Ten! God Bless, Linda

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Very lovely vision.Nice rhyme.Another ten.

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Ency Bearis 26 November 2008

great poem....verses to light up life...well narrated...10 Ency Bearis

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Deirdre Conde 20 November 2008

this is a good poem, danzen. you should keep writing more of this.: D

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